April - May

080530 Killdeers, house sparrows, cliff swallows, barn swallows, great egrets

080529 Cliff Swallows have just returned
to the Twin Cities area. They're busy gathering mud from puddles to build their nests.

080528 With the help of Matt & Julie of Arboretum, we potted birds such as bobolinks, meadow larks, brown-headed cowbirds, Eastern phoebes, an Eastern kingbird, a red-bellied woodpecker, a female pileated woodpecker, a clay-colored sparrow, a song sparrow, tree swallows, barn swallows, Eastern bluebirds, red-tailed hawks, great blue herons, Canada geese and goslings, and green herons.
Calls: A red-eyed vireo, blue jays' mobbing, and sora rail. Toads (Amphibians
As for mammals, a hare, a chipmunk, and gray squirrels were viewed. We also saw a thirteen lined ground squirrel's burrow opening. Matt is saying that the thirteen lined ground squirrel is the U of Minnesota's Golden Gopher.

080526 Possum Roadkill

080525 White-tailed deer

080524 Nature Notes
Many flowers such as crabapples, lilacs, dandelions, columbines, shooting stars, prairie smoke, plums, bellworts, snow trilliums, and Virginia bluebells, are in bloom in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota (MN).
As for wildlife, today we spotted a ruby-throated hummingbird, indigo buntings, a Baltimore oriole, a green heron, a great blue heron, a great egret, wood ducks, mallard ducks & ducklings, a broad-winged hawk, a red-tailed hawk, a downy woodpecker, Canada geese & goslings, tree swallows, black-capped chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, cardinals, cedar waxwings, a common yellowthroat, American robins, a scarlet tanager, an American goldfinch, American crows, rock pigeons, mourning doves, etc.
Calls: Red-bellied woodpecker, Indigo buntings, common yellowthroat, and red-eyed vireos
We also saw gray squirrels, red squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs (woodchucks), and muskrats. Check our photos (Photo Gallery: Minnesota Seasons > Spring,  Nature > Wildlife, Park Info, etc.)

080523 Four Canada goose families with goslings, a Mallard family with a few just-born ducklings, and several wood ducks were spotted.
Regarding Reptiles, we saw a painted turtle.

Birding  バードウオッチング
080426 Red-shouldered hawk 赤肩鷹  "Hey, This morning, I spotted a red-shouldered hawk with the help (info) of Matt & Julie of Arboretum. Matt & Julie, Thanks so much for the info. Yea, I could identify the hawk by the harsh calls. I had never seen the red-shouldered hawk before. Really Cool!" バードウオッチング "Ummm... This guy, a birder is crazy! He was birding despite the snow."  Our hawk photos  Note that we'll add pix of red-shouldered hawks to our photo gallery once pix of the red-shouldered hawks are shot. It's really hard to take good photos of wildlife.

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