Green Darner (Migratory Dragonfly)

080427 One Green Darner (migratory dragonfly) is in trouble with flying due to the cold weather at Eloise Butler Wildflower & Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN
Dianne, a naturalist of the Eloise Butler Wildflower & Bird Sanctuary, told us, “Yesterday, a visitor to the park brought a green darner (dragonfly) into our shelter. The visitor said that this poor dragonfly was in trouble with flying on a trail due to the cold weather or the snow.”  Naturalists have been taking care of the dragonfly. We hope the dragonfly will be fine. We hear that
monarchs (オオカバマダラ, migratory butterfly, 渡りチョウ) can't fly when the temperature falls below 50-55 degrees F (10-13 degrees C). Maybe green darners may not fly at a low temperature as well. Bill’s View: “I suppose that the dragonfly didn’t enjoy the cold and snow much!  It was probably a little confused.”

Monarch (オオカバマダラ) は、約10度に気温が下がると飛べなくなるとよく、聞きます。多分、Green Darnerも気温が下がると飛べなくなるのではと思います。Eloise Butler Wildflower & Bird SanctuaryDianne さんや他のnaturalistの皆さんが、季節外れの寒さと雪のため、この飛べなくなったトンボの世話をしています。このトンボ、もう少し、遅く、ミネソタに渡って来たら問題は、なかったのに。体調の回復を祈ります。Green Darnerの場合、St. Paul は、マイグレーションの途中で、もっと北に、ミネソタの北部やカナダにマイグレーションします。従って、St. Paulでは、通常、Green Darnerを春先と夏の終わりにだけ見かけます。

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