“Cider”  ---  It’s cider (sipping) time!

Japanese O asks three Qs on "cider":
Q1: “If people say ‘Cider,’ does it mean apple cider?”

Q2: “I feel apple cider is a little different from apple juice. What do you think?”  

Q3: “Does ‘hot cider’ mean ‘hot apple cider?’”
American G answers the questions:
A1: “I believe in the USA, when someone says cider it usually is referring to apple cider. I know there are other kinds of cider, but if it is not apple cider the person will usually specify the type of cider (like ‘pear cider’).”

A2: “I think of cider as thicker ("unfiltered") apple juice. Apple juice is usually a thinner liquid with most of the solids filtered out.”

A3: “If someone says ‘hot cider’, I would think of ‘hot apple cider’ for the same reason as above. Usually if it is another type of cider, the person will specify which type of cider it is.”

Cider is a popular traditional beverage for Halloween or Thanksgiving holidays. Here is info on how to make hot apple cider < http://www.expertvillage.com/interviews/apple-cider.htm >

Here is more info on apple cider vs. apple juice <
http://www.allaboutapples.com/cider/ >

Japan cider means sweetened transparent carbonated nonalcoholic beverages.

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ホットアップルサイダーのつくり方< http://www.expertvillage.com/interviews/apple-cider.htm > ホットチョコレート(hot chocolate) とホットサイダー(hot cider) は、スキー場のシャレーでよく売られています。

アップルサイダーは、Halloween Thanksgiving ホリデーでの人気のある伝統的飲み物です。

ノート:アメリカのスーパーで、1ガロン( 3.785 リットル)のミルクやサイダーを買うのは、通常です(特に、ファミリーを持つ人)。オレンジジュースの場合は、ハーフガロンが、よく、売られていると思います。

Nov. 8, 2014
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