207 The Crosswalk 2011          May 26, 2011

Photo: The Crosswalk 2011

We attended the Crosswalk 2011, which was held at
Easter Lutheran Church, Eagan, Minnesota, on Good Friday, April 22, 2011. We were surprised by the fact that about 200 people attended the Crosswalk despite the rainy day. We’ve never attended any Crosswalk events before. It’s so cool that everyone had a chance to carry the cross. It was amazing for us to carry the cross for a while. We think the Crosswalk is awesome.

Pastor Jim
Borgschatz of Easter Lutheran Church has kindly answered our five questions on Easter Lutheran Church and the Crosswalk.

Q1) Why is the church named Easter Lutheran Church?

A1) Easter
is one word that tells of the victory that God achieved in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that because of Easter we can have life with God forever.

2) How long has the church been doing the annual Crosswalk?

A2) While I am trying to verify that, the best that I can answer now is 22 years.

Q3) Whose idea is the church’s crosswalk?  By the way, the purpose of the crosswalk is described in the program, isn’t it?

The Crosswalk idea originally came from a local youth pastor who had served in California where it had been done.  We did it differently.  But that is where the idea came from. And the purpose is described in the program.

Q4) Are the churches, which we can see in the crosswalk 2011 program, Easter Lutheran Church, St. John Neumann, All Saints Lutheran Church, Advent United Methodist Church, and Crossroads Church, protestant churches?

A4) St. John Neumann is Roman Catholic.  The others are protestant. Participating churches come from a much wider area.  There were four Roman Catholic parishes represented on
Good Friday.

Q5) Our understanding from the program is that anyone can attend the crosswalk event as an inter-faith event. Are we right?

A5)  Anyone can participate in the event.  Even persons who are not members of a church.  Even non-believers.  It is simply the witness of the gathered ecumenical faith community giving witness to the work of salvation accomplished for us in Jesus Christ - crucified and risen.

“Pastor Jim, we really appreciate your kindness by which you answered all of our questions.”

Note: For more information, check out the Japanese version.

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