203 Trumpeter Swan Watch (Trumpeter Swans & Sheila Lawrence, "The Swan Lady"), Monticello, MN (Dec. through Feb.)  wrote: March, 2005, posted: 070207

Here are pix of trumpeter swans, which winter on the banks of the Mississippi (River) in Monticello, MN. There is a warm discharge of water from the nuclear power plant which the swans enjoy. Sheila Lawrence, a.k.a. "The Swan Lady," who has been living on the Mississippi, started feeding them in 1987-1988. At that time, there were only 15 swans wintered. Since then, she has continued to feed them. As time went on, more and more swans came back to winter there. Last winter (2005-2006) lots of Trumpeter swans wintered there from Dec. through Feb. There were around 1,600* trumpeter swans at the peak of the season. It's lots of work to feed 1,600 trumpeter swans, ducks, geese, coots, etc. Now I think the City of Monticello helps her feed them. We shot the pix on March, 2005.  Yes, March is a bit late for a good swan watch.  Sheila recommended to us , “We should have come in December.”  As you may or may not know, some time ago, trumpeter swans were thought to have vanished form the entire nation. This swan population rebounding in Minnesota is awesome news. If a swan has dark color on the neck (as you can see in Photo 1) it means the swan is a juvenile. A swan juvenile is called a "cygnet."

Note: Usually, it's kind of illegal to feed wildlife (we think it depends upon states. At least, feeding wildlife is usually a bad idea), but this swan case is an exception because (as I mentioned before) the swans were thought to have been extinct.

For more info on Sheila and Trumpeter Swans, check here.
St. Paul Pioneer Press, Late 2006 (or early 2007)
”Sheila, Really appreciated your info on Trumpeter Swans.”

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