196  Minnesota* has a “Continental Climate” while Japan has an oceanic climate.  posted: 060807, modified: 060809
The Minnesota summer is usually really nice because it’s not as humid here as in most of Japan.  As for the temperature, however, believe it or not, it becomes quite hot here since this state is located inland.  The temperature sometimes climbs up to over 100 F (37.78 C) in the summer while it dips to around – 30 F (-34.44 C) in the winter.  The temperature difference between the maximum and the minimum temperature all year round is about 130 F (72.22 C)!  For example, our page on 060731(Mon.) says, "It’s really hot in the Twin Cities area!!! Daily maximum temperatures have been around 100 F (37.78 C) since this past Friday! This is called a ‘continental climate’ (You can’t experience this climate because Japan has an ‘oceanic climate’).  Stay cool!!" In fact, the thermometer reads
100.5 F (38.06 C) around 3:30 p.m., on 060731.  On the other hand, at exactly the same place, the same thermometer said 12 below (-25 C) around 10 p.m., on 060217.  We’re not sure whether or not it’s good for humans to bear this big temperature change through the year.  BTW, regarding the lowest temperatures, the northern Minnesota towns of Tower and Embarrass recorded the lowest temperatures in the state at 55 below zero ( -48.33 C ) on February 1, 1996. < http://www.cnn.com/US/9602/winter_weather/ > In this picture, you can see people bundled up walking outside in the really cold weather.

We'd like to remind you of our winter; check out 
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FYI  August 7, 2006: Temperatures in St. Paul: High 82 F (27 C) & Low 60 F (15 C)

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