194  Veterinary Medicine / Raptor Center Open House: Blood Donor, U of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. 060402 (First Sun. in April)  posted: 060412, modified: 060705 < http://www.cvm.umn.edu/cvm/education/prospective/DVMprogram/openhouse/home.html >

Here is a greyhound, who works for the Veterinary Medicine Center (actually his bandana says Veterinary Medicine Center, University of Minnesota).  He wears a muzzle (I think just in case he tries to bite kids visiting the Open House). I could be wrong?  I saw around 10 greyhounds without muzzles in the booth at the Greyhound Association** (helping retired racing greyhounds find homes). There, I learned that the greyhounds were very friendly. On second thought, the reason why the blood donor greyhound wears a muzzle may be that there is a center regulation, under which the greyhound must wear the muzzle while his blood is being transfused or he is in the Veterinary Medicine Center.)  ** Maybe this is the site of the Greyhound Association < http://www.gpa.mn.org/adopting/adopting.htm >

I asked Sandra, a vet student (U of M) who tended the greyhound at one of many booths at the Open House, “What does this dog do at Vet. School?”  She replies, “He (or she) is a blood donor.”  I was confused by the words, “blood donor”, and said to myself, “Ummm… What?  Do we, humans need dogs’ blood?”  What the heck? I threw another Q to her again, “I don’t understand his job.”  She explained to me, “We can transfuse his blood into another dog if needed”.  I said, “Oh, I got it.  Dogs need blood transfusing, don’t they?  Yes, this is Vet Medicine Center, isn’t it?  This is really ‘Out of the box thinking’ because I was thinking of humans’ problems.”  She kindly added this info, “The reason why we have greyhounds at the center is their blood is so universal that the blood can be transfused to many kinds of dogs”. 

Note: As we know, greyhounds are famous for being good runners (I bet the Greyhound bus was named after the greyhound because of the running ability of greyhounds)*. He is slender and he looks like an excellent runner. I asked Sandra, “Did he used to be a racer?” She replied, “Yes, he is a retired racer”.  I questioned again, “Does he need lots of exercise even now?”  Sandra answered, “Yes, he likes to do lots of exercise everyday.” 

Words: vet = veterinarian, veterinary, vet (verb)

* Greyhound Racing Association of America < http://www.gra-america.org/ >

Greyhound Lines < http://www.greyhound.com/ >
Greyhound Bus Museum < http://www.greyhoundbusmuseum.org/ >

Note: “Hi Sandra, Really appreciated your info on dog blood donors. I learned a lot from you.”  

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