192 Off-Leash Dog Area (Dog Park) : Dogs can play without a leash in the off-leash area.  posted: 060330, modified: 060608   Japanese

Here is a photo of an off-leash dog area (or dog park). The pic was shot in the off-leash dog area in Battle Creek Park, Maplewood (St. Paul), MN, on March 14th, 2006.  Ramsey County, which includes St. Paul, has five dog parks*.  As you can see in the pictures, dogs can play without a leash in the off-leash area (approximately 10 acres**). They look happier off-leash than while on-leash. Some time ago, I learned online, that dogs get along with each other better off-leash than on-leash. Owners, who I talked to while in the off-leash dog area in Battle Creek Park, agreed with the behavior of dogs off-leash. Some are saying that dogs are happier and behave very well without a leash for most of the time, although occasionally some dogs fight each other. Most owners in the pictures bring their dogs here everyday to let them play. I’m 100% sure that their dogs are really lucky, compared to dogs whose owners walk on-leash. In off-leash areas, dogs meet each other to become friends, dogs meet other dogs’ owners, and dog owners meet each other (which is awesome). I think off-leash dog areas are dogs’ heaven. Note: Very small dogs or puppies may have problems with relaxing in off-leash areas. The areas may need a “Small Size Dog Area” or a “Puppy Area.”

Some owners in the area asked us, “Do you have off-leash areas in Japan?”  I replied to them, “I don’t think they can afford to have this kind of land because land prices are very steep in Japan. BTW, I had a chance to mention Akita-ken as a Japanese dog to them. They know the name, “Akita.” Colleen or Susan goes, “I almost got an Akita”.  In fact, this past January, I saw an Akita-ken (which looked great) and a couple walking on a trail in Fort Snelling State Park, St. Paul, MN.  ” Note: Maybe my info on the Japanese situation is obsolete. Please correct me if I’m wrong. info@exploreamerica.info

* Dog park maps < http://www.dogromp.org/dogparks/dogparkmap/default.asp >

For more info on off-leash dog areas:
Dog park Info < http://www.dogromp.org/dogparks/ >
** Off-leash dog area < http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/Parks/parks/offleash.asp >

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