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Since Minnesota is one of the northern states, we usually start celebrating spring in May.  From May to Labor Day (the first Monday of September) and especially July through Labor Day, it is festival time in Minnesota!  There are city festivals, county fairs, and the Minnesota State Fair
*at the end: See our Photo Gallery > Minnesota Events > 7 or 8 - 9 > for example, Ramsey County Fair, Washington County Fair, Minnesota State Fair; Newsletter  4

Here in Minnesota, believe it or not, there are 95 county fairs and one state fair.  In
Japan, there are many town festivals, and city ones, but we don’t think that county (gun in Japanese) fairs and state (ken in Japanese, prefecture) fairs are popular as far as Aichi-ken** (prefecture) is concerned. Ummm… prefectures, whose income strongly depends on agricultural produce, may have these fairs even in Japan.

Anyways, the fact that county fairs and the prefecture fair aren’t popular in Aichi-ken (prefecture),
has been puzzling me a long time. I am thinking that one of the reasons why county fairs are popular and the State Fair is held in Minnesota is due to small populations on large lands.  In other words, most cities and townships here don’t have big populations.  So its good for them to hold county fairs to enjoy festivals with many people. In addition, Minnesota can afford to have large county fair grounds and state fair grounds since they have lots of unused land while Japan doesn't have this. It may be considered as the 2nd reason.    
* American G:  “I can't really think of any township festivals so I took that out. There might be some, but I don't recall hearing of any. We mostly have just city, county, and state.”
Aichi Prefecture hosted the 2005 World Fair ( EXPO 2005 Aichi) < http://www-1.expo2005.or.jp/en/index.html >.  Aichi has the City of Nagoya (3rd or 4th largest city in Japan) and the City of Toyota.  Americans are often saying that world fairs became less popular 15 years ago or so in the U.S.

(1) Township < City < County < State   So I think townships in Minnesota correspond to towns in Japan.

(2)”Fair” means "a competitive exhibition (as of farm products) usually with accompanying entertainment and amusements," according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  The fairs for both county fairs and state fairs match this meaning.

(3) In addition to the county fairs and state fairs, there are many other fairs such as world fairs, job fairs (to find a job), and college fairs (to choose the right college). We very often hear of the job fairs and college fairs.

Job Fair: for example, < http://www.deed.state.mn.us/events/ > < http://www.techexpousa.com/index2.cfm > Online Job Search < http://www.monster.com >
College Fair: for example < http://test.nacacnet.org/MemberPortal/Events/CollegeFairs >

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