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At a past Sunday mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul
+ , we learned that July 14th is the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha*  and she may become the first Native American saint**.  Also, we were taught at the mass that the Cathedral of St. Paul has a medallion of Blessed Kateri in its South Rose Window of the Beatitudes++ in the “4 o’clock” position.    

The reason why we describe Blessed Kateri’s story in our Letter, is not only to talk about Blessed Kateri, but also to show what a rose window looks like. Until this Sunday mass, I (a Japanese) thought that the rose window is only a beautiful stained glass window.  Now I know it’s called a “rose window.”  In addition, I learned this window is a rose window of the Beatitudes.  The Beatitudes of Christ are eight statements, which remind us of the virtues which Jesus taught, and also the way to implement those virtues.  The medallion of Blessed Kateri reads at least part of one of the eight statements, “Blessed are the clean of heart” as shown in the pic.

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Q from a Japanese:
Do you know of Blessed Kateri?  I never heard even her name until this past Sun.  

A from American A (Catholic)
I have never heard of Blessed Kateri before.

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