128 The 2004 Flint Hills International Children’s Festival 1, 2)  (040615), June 1, 2012

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Flint Hills International Children's Festival (Photos)

This Festival’s purpose is to give Minnesota children the best performing arts from the world.*

Many events were held at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and Rice Park in Downtown St. Paul, from June 1 to June 6, 2004. In addition, two big sand castles were built by professional artists from Florida in the Landmark Plaza in front of the Landmark Center and next to Rice Park, near the Ordway Center.  Believe it or not, the castles required 150 tons of sand.  Five artists worked on the castles for seven days; eight hours each day.  It amazed us that the artists didn’t use any blueprints and just made the castles off the top of their heads.  It doesn’t look like the two castles took 150 tons of sand.  One of the volunteers 3) at the castles told us that five sand sculptors used 150 tons of sand to make the castles by packing with pressure and water.  The castles look awesome.  She said, “Actually, one of the sculptors (in the red shirt) is here to help kids make sand sculptures.”  Like the 2004 Winter Carnival Palace, the sand castles won’t stand long; the castles will be removed soon after the Festival is over.  Good timing!  You can spot quite a few “Doghouse Days of Summer” statues all over the city of St. Paul.   BTW, in addition, at the Landmark Plaza there is a butterfly tent where you can spot many different butterflies, which you can sometimes enjoy at children events.  Also, in the Plaza we spotted a few bronze statues of the characters from Peanuts.

1) About the Festival < http://www.ordway.org/festival/  >
2) Flint Hills Resources is the sponsor of the International Children’s Festival so their name was added to the name of the festival.
3) Volunteer at the castles, Landmark Plaza: Private communications on June 5, 2004


Question on English by a Japanese (040614):  The festival's purpose is to show the best art from around the world to Minnesota children.  Because of the name "International Children’s Festival,” I thought this festival was a gathering where children attend from all over the world.   Once I read their mission, I understand the meaning of International, too.  Do you use "International" in this way?  The International Performing Arts Festival for Children would be more appropriate, I think.  Ummm…Outside the theater there is a Children’s festival.  So it might be tough to name this kind of festival?

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Comment #1
by an American (040615):   Your version makes more sense.  Their version makes it sound like the children are from all different nations.

Comment #2
The 2004 Flint Hills International Performing Arts Festival for Children would be more appropriate than The 2004 Flint Hills International Children’s Festival.  However, I think The 2004 Flint Hills International Performing Arts Festival for Children is too long for the name of a festival. That's’ why they may have chosen the shorter version, The 2004 Flint Hills International Children’s Festival.

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