124 Spring is coming to the Great Prairies in MN --- Minnesota’s Natural Disasters (written: 040510, posted 040518) March 2009 Red River Flood Fears, North Dakota 

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It looks like in May, spring has finally come to Minnesota. Flowers like dandelions, violets, crabapples, lilacs etc. are opening.  Many birds such as bald eagles, red-tail hawks, peregrine falcons, Canada geese, Mallard ducks, and wood ducks, and hare are giving birth to babies (chicks for birds). But for the last few weeks, it was not as warm as we expected; the temperature sometimes dropped near 30° F.  Minnesotans are saying, “You never know Minnesota’s weather.”  They tell stories when years ago, it snowed on Memorial Day, the last Monday in May; one guy told recalling the Memorial Day, “Man, it snowed while we were fishing on Mille Lacs Lake, MN.”

Last night (040509) we had a windy and rough night.  We had tornado warnings and at around 6 p.m., all of a sudden it became really dark, hailed, and rained with lightning and strong winds.  I heard that some areas had funnel clouds which are a characteristic of tornados.  Como Park in St. Paul had big damage to trees due to the wind storm (70 mph according to today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press), causing some big trees to uproot.

The U.S. is so big that almost each state has different natural disasters*. For example, Minnesota is located on the Great Prairies and the major dangers of nature are tornados and floods, but Minnesota doesn’t have earthquakes, hurricanes, or wild fires.  California has earthquakes and wild fires while Florida has hurricanes.  I heard that if a big earthquake hits California, some Californians move out of California to states that don’t have earthquakes. On the other hand, Japan, which is much smaller than the US in terms of the land area, has less choices for the Japanese to live and avoid the nature dangers.  However, it’s really interesting to know that there are no perfect places like the Garden of Eden as far as the U.S. is concerned, (i.e. all places have some natural disasters).

* For the climatic zones in the US: for example see “The Timechart History of America” Barnes & Noble Books, 2003

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