119 Easter Part VIII:  Corrections? Inside Story --- Our Investigation on When Lent Ends   (040411)

To our readers from S (a Japanese who is interested in Christianity):  Well wait for Gs study result.  In the meantime, please let us < info@exploreamerica.info  > know if you know the answer to When Lent ends.   Well sure post it here once G gives his answer or anyone gives the answer.
Hi G,  I've a Q.   Lent may ends on Easter if it lasts 40 days?  In fact, I counted the days from Ash Wed. through Easter without counting Sundays, and the days are 40.  Thx.   S
We wrote the following in part Letter 51 Lent is considered the forty days, not counting Sundays, before Easter. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter).

Yes, I counted the days and you are correct. I will have to investigate this. Maybe I was wrong.
I'll have to ask my mom, she seems to know a lot about this. :-)
I'll get back to you,

Hi G, Thanks for the info.
 This is not a big deal (for me, but not for some of our readers), but it's interesting.  Please ask your Mom to confirm this when you get a chance.

OK, I found your answer at an Internet site.
It looks like the Catholic church officially ends Lent on Holy Thursday. Other religions may end it at Easter.
So I guess for Catholics,
Lent may only last 37 or 38 days.

Hi S,
OK, my mom disagrees with what the article says. She says Lent ends on Easter and the article I read on the Internet is a bunch of "who-eee" (translation: article is wrong)
So, now I don't know what to believe. My mom seems very sure of herself and she does know the Catholic religion well so she probably is right. I may need to check other sites.
I think there are a few Catholic sites I can check.

K (Another Catholic):  I (S) asked K about the ending date of Lent today, March 31, 2004. She answered to me, Im sure that Lent ends on Easter Sunday.  Im a Catholic so I know this well.

in Japanese

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