Easter Part IV   Religion and other Topics (We have talked about Easter for awhile, haven't we?  This is the final mention for the time being. J )

1) Religion:  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Since Lent is over, can you eat meat on Good Friday?
A: No, you are still not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday.

Q: Fasting is over on Thursday, can you start eating a lot on Good Friday?
A: No, actually fasting does not end until Easter Sunday. This is where you can have a big feast in celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Q: Where do people keep palm at home?
A: People keep palm in different places. Some people will bend the palm into a certain shape and then store the palm that way. Others, like me, just keep the palm in a vase. Since palm should not be thrown away, many people have palm from several years ago.  Every so often, I will take a bunch of old palm and burn it in our garden.  In fact, on Ash Wednesday the priest uses ashes made from the previous year’s blessed palm; see letter 49.
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Q: How are churches decorated for the Easter season?
A: The church is always well-decorated for Easter mass. They will usually have a lot of flowers, more candles, fancier cloths over tables, and the priest wears special robe.

2) Other Topics

Florists sell flowers, especially the Easter lily, which has white flowers and is used as a decoration. Also, Easter bunnies and stuffed Easter bunnies are sold. (Photo Gallery>National holidays>Easter)

Easter foods: ham, mashed potatoes, other vegetables, rolls, pies, and colored hard boiled eggs are common.  (Photo Gallery>National holidays>Easter)

Picture Time?: We saw kids getting their picture taken on an Easter bunny’s lap at Maplewood Mall (much like kids on Santa’s lap around Christmas). 
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