The 2002 MLB (Major League Baseball) All Star Game

The Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl (the NFL All Star Game), and the NBA All Star Game were played early this year. The tickets are called “tough-to-get” tickets.  Our staff was unable to get tickets to these events, but one of our staff was lucky enough to attend the Major League Baseball All Star Game last summer.  So we have decided to provide some information on this event since you may be interested in the event, even though it happened … Ouch! … around eleven months back.

The 2002 Major League Baseball All Star Game was held on July 9, 2002.  The game was played at Miller Park in Milwaukee*), Wisconsin, which is home to the
Milwaukee Brewers.  This ballpark has a retractable roof.  Milwaukee is famous for its beer breweries, and one famous brand is called “Miller” Beer.  This company paid lots of money to have the stadium named “Miller Park.”  

Before the game, many fans grilled food in the parking lot.  This is called “tailgating”, and is named after the door on the back of pickups and SUVs.  People sometimes place the grill on the tailgate. (photo) The fans eat, play catch, listen to the radio, and sit in lawn chairs and talk.  Note: tailgating is common to many sports events, not just all-star games.  Also, there are scalpers near the stadium.

There were ceremonies honoring past and present players, including home run record holder Henry Aaron.  The National Anthem featured a large flag made of strips of cloth held by marchers and a fireworks display.

As in every All Star Game, the American League played the National League.  The game was controversial, because the Commissioner of Baseball, who attended the game, declared the game a 7-7 tie after 11 innings.  Some famous players in the game included Ichiro Suzuki, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds.

*) Travel tips:

Wisconsin is one of Minnesota’s neighbors located to the east.  It takes five hours to reach Milwaukee from St. Paul, Minnesota by just swinging down I-94 (I: Interstate) East through Madison, the Wisconsin state capitol.  Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and only 100 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago’s population is six million.  Both Milwaukee and Chicago face Lake Michigan.  Note: In Minnesota and Wisconsin highways are free.  Illinois collects small tolls usually ranging from 10 cents to 40 cents.

MLB All-Star Game
Fig. 1  Fans tailgating in the parking lot of Miller Stadium
Fig. 2 A bratwurst covered in
Miller Park’s famous “Secret Stadium Sauce”
Fig. 3 A beer vendor works the crowd
Fig. 4  The outfield  
Fig. 5  The view from right field
Fig. 6  Fans watch from the corridor near the right field foul pole
Fig. 7 The scoreboard
Fig. 8 Ichiro Suzuki
Fig. 9 Flag and fireworks  
Cars: pickups and SUVs

in Japanese

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