Tax USA vs. Japan Part I   Income Tax Return (030702)

In the US, March and April could be called, “Income Tax Months.”  During this period, many people and companies are having head aches because of filing their income tax returns.  The US has personal taxes and business taxes the same as Japan.  The deadlines for filing tax returns are usually March 15 for biz taxes and April 15 for personal taxes.

(1) Personal income tax:  In Japan your employers take care of your tax returns for their company employees and public officers while in the US anyone has to file tax returns, whose documents include income and expenses.  We hear that some people can reduce tax returns substantially if you understand the legal codes in dept.  Quite a few people tend to spend time after work such as nights and weekends working hard on their tax returns, accordingly.  The Federal tax is collected by IRS (Internal Revenue Service: IRS <  > may correspond to Tax Administration Agency in Japan) while state taxes are collected by states.  People and companies know of IRS very well because of taxes, the money.  Many people prepare their tax returns using tax software. In addition, since few years ago or so, quite a few people have been filing their tax returns on line. This on-line filing is really convenient because it’s fast and it doesn’t require any expenses to file. See an example of on-line filing <  > Some people use tax preparers such as accountants and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to file their tax returns.  Sure things are tax software and on-line filing save lots of time for people who prepare and file their tax returns. 

(2) Business tax: For business taxes, companies usually ask accountants including Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to do this tax work. Tax software and on-line filing are also used for business income tax returns.

In the both above cases, people and companies try to make their best efforts to reduce taxes.  Needless to say, tax reductions mean the increase of income.  For even salaried persons, filing their tax returns is not as easy as you think because they will have to consider other thins such as their families, investments, real estates, and so on besides their salaries.

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(030412) Income Tax: 
March and April are income tax return time in the US. The deadline is March 15 for some biz taxes while April 15 for personal taxes and the other biz taxes.

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