Appendix A:  True stories from an American!

"Not a lot of people play tricks on April 1st. The ones that are played are usually rather harmless small ones.

For example, while you are in the other room, I may say to you "Wow, Look at that giant bald eagle sitting right outside your window!" When you come running with your camera, looking for the bald eagle and don't see it there, I would say "April Fools!"   (Hmmm. That gives me an idea. )

My mom used to try this type of trick on me often when I was young. As I started getting older, I would get her back. It was always kind of a game to see who could trick who. My dad was the easiest to trick, and he usually never tried to get you back.

Some people play more complicated tricks, but of the ones I heard of personally, they were all little "lies" that got someone to come running and/or look for something."

Appendix B: Comments on April fool's Day by a Japanese who has been in the US  over ten years.

"So far no one has ever played jokes on me on this day. On April 1st, however, people sometimes say, "Today is April Fool's Day, so I'll have to be careful."  As this American is mentioning above, it looks like jokes may be common in a family, especially when the family has small kids. Also, I guess there are jokes between kids even outside families.  I'll check this."

The American Answered:  "Also, there are jokes between kids even outside of their families. This is most common in grade school but can also happen in high school or even college."

He added this: "Yes, I think April Fool's jokes are quite common among school kids, especially grade school kids. The jokes are almost always harmless little lies (like I mentioned before) where you get someone to look for something that isn't there or trick someone into going on a worthless errand. This is another term used in the US ; you get someone to "go on a wild goose chase." Don't know if you heard of this, but it is a term used where you get someone to start a job, or search, etc. which really has no purpose and no ending."

Appendix C:
Comments from Another American:

"We have never really played April Fool's tricks in our family, so that's interesting. Occasionally somebody may play one at work."

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