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People are collecting sap out of sugar maples to make syrup (maple syrup) after tapping trees.  One of our staff who came from
Japan was amazed by the fact that maples grow to be such big trees.  He says that Japanese maples are way smaller than these maples here: The trunk diameter  of Japanese maples is around a few inches. 

How big the tree should be:
The diameter of the trunk should be 10 inches (25.4 cm) or larger in order to get sap. Taking sap from a small hole will not hurt a maple tree of this size.

How many gallons of sap a day you can collect:
On a good day, you can collect 2 gallons of sap.  2 gallons = 2 x 3.78 liters.

Taste of sap?, Sap to syrup, Color of syrup? ...
The sap from a sugar maple tree tastes like water. You will have to evaporate the water to get the syrup. Thirty gallons of sap may make one gallon of syrup. The color of the syrup will depend upon the concentration. The more water you evaporate, the higher the concentration will be. If you evaporate all the water, you will be left with just sugar.

When to tap: In Minnesota , Feb. or March is best. To get the most sap from the tree, the temperature should be slightly above freezing during the day and slightly below freezing at night. 

Who developed this technique

This ingenious technique was developed by the Native Americans. 

Trivia:  Northern America produces all the maple syrups in the world. Canada makes two thirds of the share while the United States  makes one third. There are 52 kinds of maples. Sugar maple is a Minnesota native.

*  Most info on "maple syrup" was gotten during the class of Kao at Fort Snelling State Park --- Kao is one of the naturalists of Fort Snelling State Park < >  We really appreciated his great class and demo.

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