11   Halloween -- A Favorite Event for Kids.  Part II


1. Why do kids love Halloween 1)  ?

There are three big reasons: (1) Kids will get a lot of candy for free. (2) Kids can go out at night wearing costumes 4). (3) Kids can try out making jack-o’-lanterns 1, 5)  with the help of older kids or adults.

(1) Kids will get a lot of candy for free.

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(2) Kids can go out at night wearing costumes 4).

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(3) Kids can try out making jack-o’-lanterns 1, 5)  with the help of older kids or adults.

Jack-o-lanterns are placed in front of houses or in windows. To make a jack-o-lantern, the carver cuts a lid in the top of the pumpkin 2) with a knife and scoops out the seeds and fibers by hand or with a spoon. Holes are then cut for eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Then the carver places a candle inside the pumpkin and lights it at night. The seeds can be salted and roasted for a snack.

2. Other Info. on Halloween

For adults, there are usually Halloween parties on a different day from Halloween day. They also wear costumes 7), and have contests, fun and drinks. A famous Halloween game for kids and adults is called “Bobbing for Apples”  8).  The players take turns trying to grab apples from a tub of water using only their mouth. This supposedly is derived from a Roman tradition in England 9).

Kids sometimes do pranks on Halloween. They may create a mess with toilet paper and/or eggs. In rare cases, the pranks go too far and become serious vandalism involving paint, small fires (This doesn’t mean arson, just burning bags of doggy doo-doo on the doorstep and the like), or breaking things. Says one victim of a minor prank, “When I came home on Halloween from my Kung Fu Class I noticed someone had played a ‘trick’ on me. Someone had turned my outside water on and left it on. When I got home, there was a half frozen puddle of water in the yard.”

Halloween expressions:

Boo! - This word is used to scare or startle people
TRICK OR TREAT! 10) - Children say this phrase at the door of a house in order to get candy.

November 29, 2002, in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Keywords: Halloween, pumpkins, jack-o’-lantern, carving pumpkins, costumes, Trick or Treat!, Boo!, candy, pranks, “Bobbing for Apples”, Halloween parties  

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