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2587 130716  Muskoxen Picture -- Wrangel Island Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day  Muskoxen, Wrangel Island, Russia, July 11, 2013.
Wrangel Island - Wikipedia

Musk oxen in characteristic defensive ring - YouTube
Oxen VS Wolves - YouTube
Viking Wilderness - Muskox High Speed Collision - YouTube

Muskox - Wikipedia

It looks like a bear likes a deer stand (videos and photos)     熊は、デイヤースタンドが好きなようです。

River otter having fun sliding on the ice  川ラッコ氷の上を滑る | Otter chaos  川ラッコ、斜面を滑り降りる    Jan. 26, 2012
Photos: Otter Tacks 3a / 3b (Up-Close) /氷の上の川ラッコの足跡(ジャンプ スライド テクニーク  River Otter are playful animals. 川ラッコは、遊びを楽しむ事が出来ます

A Flying Squirrel glides rather than flyFlying squirrel リス (モモンガの一種) は、飛ぶと言うより、滑降します   Watch videos     December 18, 2011

110621 At 1:24 p.m. A baby bison was born today, June 16, 2011 at 11:00am. Take a look at its first steps. Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN. バイソン(アメリカンバッファロー)の赤ちゃんの第一歩:2時間24分で立つことに成功   See Bison photos | Newborn Calf 誕生したばかりの牛の赤ちゃん:生まれてから、およそ45分後の時点では、赤ちゃんは立とうとするのですが、立てませんでした。

+ Gorilla Walks Like A Man (videos*):  1  |  2     For more info:  1  |  2    We heard this story on the radio in late January 2011 人間のように歩くゴリラ  110223

100907 A Hoary Marmot (aka the Whistle Pig) Videos (notes from Pat's BWCA Camping Trip, 2010)   Hoary Marmot マーモット--- "whistle pig" (口笛を吹く豚) ビデオ 

3597 130927  Jaguar attack on video  (video on GrindTV, Pete Thomas, 09/26/2013)    Brazil
Jaguar Attacks Crocodile - YouTube  (National Geographic,
videographed by Kedar Hippalgaonkar and Parul Jain, narrated by Luke Dollar, edited by Will Halicks, ... , Sept. 26, 2013)     Info Resources: Yahoo

3983 131105  Think all British teenagers want to play video games or go on Facebook? Meet the 18-year-old lion tamer who is so skilled, the big cats let him give them a foot massage  video & photos (MailOnline, Daily Mail Reporter, 08/01/2013; Yahoo 11/04/2013)

4421 131219  WATCH: Did This Expert Just Figure Out How to Talk to Dolphins? (TED Talks, Denise Herzing "Could we speak the language of dolphins?", 12/13/2013; AOL)

4439 131220  Lion sent flying by buffalo in extraordinary video  (GrindTV, David Strege, 12/16/2013)

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, 2013    Mammal Photos
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