13628 171202   Chunnel makes breakthrough - Dec 01, 1990 -
The Channel Tunnel Documentary History - YouTube


12336 170220  Chunnel plans announced - Feb 20, 1986 - 

13465 171027  October 27, 1904  The New York City subway opens - YouTube  Fox News
New York  |  Trains

12718 170510  The First Transcontinental Railroad was completed on May 10, 1869.
Transcontinental Railroad and the American West - YouTube
First Transcontinental Railroad - Wikipedia
Who Was Who - The Transcontinental Railroad
Presidents:    Abraham Lincoln    #16    |    Ulysses S. Grant    #18

 12821 170604  Express train crosses the nation in 83 hours - Jun 04, 1876 -
Presidents:    Thomas Jefferson    #3    |    Ulysses S. Grant    #18

photos: Hiawatha Line Rail    From Downtown Minneapolis to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport to Mall of America
METRO Blue Line - Wikipedia

6288 140608  Metropolitan Council - June 14, 2014 Grand opening for METRO Green Line  Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota
METRO Green Line - Wikipedia

12342 170221  February 21, 1804: The world’s first railway journey of a steam locomotive takes place in Wales. | The Street and the City
Blists Hill, Ironbridge, Trevithick first steam loco - YouTube

11138 160412  from Explore Japan Info
April 12, 2016 
Fastest Train in the World 581km-h. Japan JR-Maglev - YouTube
Riding the Superconducting Maglev Train - Linear Motor Car - YouTube
Chūō Shinkansen - Wikipedia - ... The line is expected to connect Tokyo and Nagoya in 40 minutes, and eventually Tokyo and Osaka in 67 minutes, running at a maximum speed of 505 km/h (314 mph). About 90% of the 286-kilometre (178 mi) line to Nagoya will be built underground or through tunnels.
... JR Central* aims to begin commercial service between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027, with the Nagoya-Osaka section to be completed by 2045...
* Central Japan Railway Company - Wikipedia
Maglev - Wikipedia

8053 141224 
train sets - Bing Images
Train set - Wikipedia
Train - Wikipedia
Wagon train - Wikipedia
Toys  | 
Sesquicentennial Wagon Train  |  Train

3243 130901 
Pullman luxury returns -  - Pullman's Chicago roots run deep. The Pullman Palace Car Co., founded in the 1860s in what now is Chicago's Pullman neighborhood, introduced first-class sleeper cars to the world, and during its 1930s heyday the company's philosophy emphasized that how you got there was just as important as where you were going.
George Pullman - Wikipedia
Pullman Company - Wikipedia  |  Sleeping car - Wikipedia
Pullman Sleeping Car Interior - Bing Images  |  Pullman Sleeping Car - Bing Images

5666 140415  Huge Big Boy steam locomotive coming back to life  (Yahoo, Dan Elliott, AP, 04/15/2014)

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