Teddy Bears  |  Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day

4451 131221  How Human Barbie Made Even More Headlines in 2013 Beauty  (Yahoo Shine, Sarah B. Weir, Shine Senior Writer | Beauty, 12/20/2013)

5083 140217  #Unapologetic Barbie: Sorry campaign or shrewd controversy  (LA Times, Michelle Maltais, 02/13/2014)

12751 170517  Watch This RC Car Walk on Water  Popular Mechanics

9688 150716 
18 Childhood Toys That Make Us Nostalgic  MSN lifestyle, PopSugar, 07/10/2015
8570 150221  WATCH: The 7 Coolest Toys of Toy Fair 2015  Yahoo Tech, 02/19/2015

8352 150126 
Mattel’s CEO steps down as toy maker struggles - Fortune  John Kell, 01/26/2015

8253 150116  Watch this pen draw in 3D, mid-air  MSN video, CNN Money, 01/13/2015

8021 141220  How “Frozen” Took Over the World - The New Yorker  Maria Konnikova, 06/25/2014
Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel - YouTube
Best 2010's Disney Movies: Which 2010's Disney Movie is the Best?
Best Animated Disney Movies: Best Animated Movies
Christmas  |  Halloween
7842 141126  Frozen dolls end Barbie's 11-year Christmas reign  -  Make way for Elsa, Anna and Olaf dolls, stars of Disney's Frozen. -  azcentral, Laurie Merrill, The Republic |
Elsa, Anna and Olaf dolls - Bing Images
3 Million ‘Frozen’ Princess Dresses Sold, Disney Says -  Brooks Barnes, 11/04/2014  
Toys (Barbie)  |  X-mas 
Frozen (2013) - IMDb

The Snow Queen  Wikipedia
5534 140402  Happy Birthday Hans Christian Andersen!  April 2, 1805
Hans Christian Andersen Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Hans Christian Andersen - Childhood and Education
Hans Christian Andersen - IMDb
Hans Christian Andersen - Wikipedia  Danish author and poet

4210 131202  'Frozen,' 'Catching Fire' set Thanksgiving-weekend records  (LA Times, Jessica Gelt, 12/01/2013)
Frozen Official Website Disney Movies

Frozen (2013) - IMDb  Nov. 27, 2013
Frozen (2013 film) - Wikipedia
4155 131125  Box office report 'Catching Fire' breaks November record with $161.1M Inside Movies  (Inside Movies.ew, Grady Smith, 11/24/2013)
The Hunger Games Catching Fire (2013) - IMDb  Nov. 22, 2013

8053 141224 
train sets - Bing Images
Train set - Wikipedia
Train - Wikipedia
Wagon train - Wikipedia
Toys  | 
Sesquicentennial Wagon Train  |  Train

7841 141126  GoldieBlox unveils new action figure for girls - Money -  Ben Popken, 11/05/2014

Raggedy Ann and Andy    

7887 141130  Hottest toys of the 2014 holiday season | Fox News Video  11/29/2014
The Hottest Holiday Toys of 2014  MSN video

10084 150903  LEGO
10 Most Incredible LEGO Creations - YouTube
+ LEGOLAND Florida Resort - Theme Park and Water Park
LEGOLAND HOTEL Grand Opening in Florida + DRAGON SCARE CAM! (Best Day Ever w- Amusement Park Fun!) - YouTube
Legoland - Wikipedia
California  |  Florida

+ California Theme Parks - California Amusement Parks LEGOLAND California Resort
4432 131219  Tech Pair Builds Fully Functioning Car Out Of Legos  (AOL, AOL Autos Staff, 12/19/2013)
7111 140906  Barbie, Schmarbie - Lego is now the world's top toymaker  Fortune, Geoffrey Smith, 09/04/2014
LEGO - Bing Images Home
Lego - Wikipedia
LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9 - YouTube
Awesome LEGO creations !! Part-1(best sculptures!) - YouTube
Legoland, Carlsbad (north of San Diego), California 
EvanTubeHD goes to LEGOLAND, California! - YouTube
LEGOLAND HOTEL Grand Opening! California Complete Tour by EvanTubeHD - YouTube
Legoland - Wikipedia


10086 150903  The LEGO® Story - How it all started - YouTube

10085 150903  Minnesota  One of our staff members: "I've never been to California LEGOland or Florida LEGOLand, but a long time ago, I visited the MOA LEGO Store*."
Mall of America LEGO Store unveiling - YouTube  2010
Mall of America a walk through Lego Land - YouTube  2009
Toy  (LEGO)

5801 140427  Rubik's Cube Still Turning Our Logic at 40 - NBC News  Imaeyen Ibanga, 04/27/2014
Rubik's Cube - Wikipedia
Rubik’s Official Website

8054 141225  Fad toys through the ages -  12/15/2014 

7304 140930  Life Is Colorful for Man Behind Rainbow Loom Craze - ABC News  Mike, Householder, AP, 09/29/2014
Home | Rainbow loom
Rainbow Loom - Wikipedia

7253 140924  Pots, pans, dolls, games up for toy hall of fame  AOL, 09/22/2014

4459 131222  A Paper Plane that Flies, not just Glides This Could Be Big  (Yahoo News, David Miller | This Could Be Big, 12/11/2013)

4434 131220  Most outrageous toy cars  (MSN Autos, Erik Sofge, 12/20/2013)
Model car (or Toy car) - Wikipedia

Thomas the Train & Friends 100205: I went to my buddy's house. There I met his baby boy, Bryce for the first time. Bryce showed me his Games, Videos & Activities For Kids Thomas & Friends." This toy is cool. I've never seen this. It looks like this toy is very popular. "Bryce, Thanks."

3260 130903  The Lava Lamp celebrates 50th anniversary  (Mail Online, Yahoo)
Lava lamp - Wikipedia
lava lamp - Bing Images
How Does It Work - Lava Lamps - YouTube  |  How to Make a Lava Lamp the Easy Way - YouTube
HD LAVA LAMP Ambient Video Wall Art -- 30 Minute Relaxing Ambient Video Clip - YouTube  |  HD Green Lava Lamp - 30 Minutes - YouTube

3380 130913  Wal-mart's 'Chosen by Kids' top toy list of 2013  (Long Island Newsday)

4182 131128  The Toy I Loved Most  (Washington Post, Allison Fix, 11/27/2013)
Kid approved: Toys for the holiday season - The Washington Post   11/20/2013

4432 131219  Tech Pair Builds Fully Functioning Car Out Of Legos  (AOL, AOL Autos Staff, 12/19/2013)

5126 140220  The Coolest Toys of NYC Toy Fair 2014  (Popular Mechanics, The Editors)
Toy Fair
 < >, New York, New York (NY), mid-Feb.

8972 150410  What Your Old Toys Are Worth -  03/30/2015

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