Deer Hunting Photo 7    "Cool! Hunter Dean has just shot a doe (female deer)!." シカ The pic was shot by Dean Hansen during the 2014 Wisconsin Deer Hunt, Polk County, Wisconsin (WI). Dean kindly send this photo to us, saying "We had a good deer hunting season again, with Bob, Gary, Jim, and Tom joining us for the regular season.  I got a nice doe (see attached).  Then I invited two Hmong men, neither of whom I've hunted with before, to join Jim and me for a single day of hunting during the December antlerless* season.  This turned out to be a very wonderful day for all of us." 
*  "anterless" means either a mature (i.e. 1 1/2 years old or older) doe (female deer) or any fawn (a deer born that year).  Does "drop" their fawns**, that is, give birth, in early June.  So by the November or December deer season, a fawn of that year is 5-6 months old, or a 1/2 year old.  Any older deer is referred to as a "year and a half," "two and a half," "three and a half" year old deer.  A 4 1/2 year old deer is, well, very old for a deer.  Many bucks (male deer) are "harvested" as 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 year olds, when they are "spike bucks**" (with just a single upright shaft of an antler), or "forkies" or "fork horns", with the antlers like the letter Y.  A "six pointer" or "eight pointer," etc., has a more developed antler set.   
If you want, google "quality deer management."  Basically, it's not shooting the younger bucks, in the hope that one will have a more mature buck, with a better set of antlers, the next year or two.  "Let 'em walk," is the mantra.  Our party has done that.  

"Dean, thank you for your clear and helpful explanation." For more info, click here Entomologist Dean's Page 
**  See our Deer photo page
Deer Hunting Photos:  Day before Opener - 1  Hunter Dean sets up a deer stand  |  Opening Day -   Dean waits for a deer  |  3  Four Deer Hunters  |  4  Hunter Jim shot a doe (female deer)  |  5  Jim Drags his deer with the help of Bob  |  6  Hunter Jim shot a buck (male deer)  2011  |  7  Hunter Dean shot a doe (female deer)  2014
photo courtesy of Dean Hansen

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