NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks

9382 150603  NSA surveillance: Bulk data collection gone? Think again - CNNPolitics.com  06/02/2015
NSA surveillance reform bill now law - CBS News
‘Freedom Act will make no difference’ to NSA surveillance — Russia Today Op-Edge  06/03/2015

7418 141012  Edward Snowden's Privacy Tips: "Get Rid Of Dropbox," Avoid Facebook and Google  TechCrunch, Anthony Ha, 10/11/2014
New Yorker Festival

6867 140806  Snowden leaks spur new crop of secure phones, communications - Yahoo News  Joseph Menn, Reuters, 08/05/2014

6662 140714  With friends like you, who needs enemies?  (Deutsche Welle, Richard Walker, Washington; Editor: Rob Mudge, 07/14/2014)
'Worst crisis in US-German relations since WW II'  (Deutsche Welle, Interview: Michael Knigge; Editor: Rob Mudge, 07/14/2014)

6525 140630  "Illegal Spying Below": Blimp Flies Over NSA Utah Data Center in Protest - NBC News  Devin Goldewey

6413 140620  NSA SCANDAL  Opinion: Where is Europe’s outrage?  (Deutsche Welle, 06/20/2014)

6258 140605  Year of the whistleblower: 10 things we didn’t know before Snowden — RT USA  06/05/2014
‘Don’t ask for privacy, Take it back’: Anti-NSA #ResetTheNet campaign kicks off — RT News

5356 140316 
Edward Snowden and ACLU at SXSW - YouTube  (ACLU)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Wikipedia
SXSW 2014  March 7 - 16, 2014
South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals (SXSW), Austin,  Texas (TX)
South by Southwest (SXSW) - Wikipedia

5089 140217  Plans to stop US spying with European internet  (France 24, Sam Ball, 02/17/2014)
5048 140213  NSA employee implicated in Snowden probe resigned, memo says  (Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima, 02/13/2014)
4973 140205  After Snowden, a diminished Internet? (Washington Post, David Ignatius, 02/05/2014)
4958 140204  Facebook, Google, others unveil national security request details  (RT, 02/03/2014)
4954 140204  Hackers file complaint against German government over NSA scandal  (Deutsche Welle, 02/03/2014)
4910 140130  NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize  (VOA, 01/29/2014)
4883 140128  NSA using 'leaky apps' like Angry Birds, Google Maps to siphon user data  (CNET News, Nick Statt, 01/27/2014)
4877 140127  A Brief History of the NSA From 1917 to 2014  (Saturday Evening Post, Michael Heilienstein)
4834 140123  Snowden live chat 'I never stole any passwords, nor did I trick an army of co-workers'  (Yahoo News, Dylan Stableford, 01/23/2014)
NSA data sweeps are illegal and should be stopped, report says (+video)
  (CS Monitor, Mark Clayton, 01/23/2014; Google)
words: Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

4771 140117  Obama announces reforms to NSA surveillance  (Chicago Tribune, Tribune staff and wire reports, 01/17/2014)
Editorial: Changes 'provide some welcome transparency'  (Chicago Tribune, 01/17/2014)

4744 140115  N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers  (NY Times, David Sanger and Thom Shanker, 01/14/2014)
NSA able to target offline computers using radio-waves for surveillance, cyber-attacks  (RT USA, 01/15/2014)
'The Americans Lied': Trans-Atlantic 'No-Spy' Deal on the Rocks  (Spiegel Online, Veit Medick and Annett Meiritz, 01/15/2014)  |  NSA Secret Toolbox ANT Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need  (Spiegel Online, 12/30/2013)  |  Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit  (Spiegel Online, Spiegel Staff, 12/29/2013) 
Tailored Access Operations (TAO) - Wikipedia

Ditch the NSA with the security-centric 'Blackphone' DVICE  (DVICE, Colin Druce-McFadden, 01/15/2015; Google)
4740 140115  ACLU: 'Obama, grant Edward Snowden immunity now'  (CNET News, Dara Kerr, 01/03/2014)
words: ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union, amnesty, immunity, petition

4609 140102  What to do about Snowden: The NY Times gets it right  (CNET News, Charles Cooper, 01/02/2014)
Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower  (NY Times, Editorial board, 01/01/2014)

4605 140102  NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption  (Washington Post, Steven Rich and Barton Gellman, 01/02/2014)
4579 131231  ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)Sues for Details of U.S. Surveillance  (AOL, Reuters, 12/31/2013)
4529 131227  NSA collection of phone data is lawful, federal judge rules  (Washington Post, Sari Horwitz, 12/27/2013)
4506 131225  Edward Snowden's Christmas Message 'Asking Is Always Cheaper Than Spying'  (Huffington Post, Chris Gentilviso, 12/25/2013 )
4490 131224  Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished  (Washington Post, Barton Gellman, 12/23/2013)
4458 131222  NSA director releases documents on surveillance origins  (Denver Post, Kimbery Dozier | Associated Press, 12/22/2013)
4456 131221  NSA Paid Security Firm RSA $10 Million To Intentionally Weaken Encryption  (Latinos Post, Robert Schoon, 12/21/2013; Google)
4418 131218  White House Speeds Release of Report on Changes to N.S.A.  (NY Times, David Sanger, 12/18/2013)
4382 131216  Federal judge says NSA program appears to violate Constitution - U.S. News  (NBC News, Pete Williams, 12/16/2013)
Court Rules NSA Bulk Telephone Spying Is Unconstitutional Threat Level Wired.com  (Wired.com, David Kravets, 12/16/2013; Google)

4278 131208  NSA morale down after Edward Snowden revelations, former U.S. officials say  (Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima, 12/07/2013)
4252 131205  Microsoft blasts government snooping, pledges to enhance encryption  (GameSpot, Eddie Makuch, 12/05/2013; Google)
4237 131204  NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show  (Washington Post, Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani, 12/04/2013)
4236 131204  Guardian editor defends publishing NSA leaks - UNITED KINGDOM - FRANCE 24 with AFP 12/04/2013
4171 131127  Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers'  (Huffington Post, 11/27/2013; AOL)
4165 131126  Spies worry over doomsday cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden  (Chicago Tribune, Mark Hosenball, 11/25/2013)
3967 131103  Might Snowden get asylum in Germany World DW.DE 03.11.2013
3954 131102  U.S. disregards Edward Snowden's appeal for clemency  (Denver Post, Geir Moulson and Kirsten Griehaber, Associated Press, 11/02/2013)
Snowden Asks U.S. to Stop Treating Him Like a Traitor  (NY Times, Alison Smale, 11/01/2013)

3900 131026  Anti-NSA rally attracts thousands to march in Washington  (USA TODAY, Bart Jansen and Carolyn Pesce, 10/26/2013; Google)
Spiegel: NSA may have spied on Merkel for a decade  (Deutsche Welle, 10/26/2013)
Germany, Brazil enlist 19 more countries for anti-NSA UN resolution — RT News  (10/26/2013)
Should Europe be worried by Russia’s spying resurgence? - FRANCE 24  (10/25/2013)
BBC News - US bugged Merkel's phone from 2002 until 2013, report claims  (10/26/2013)

3884 131025  Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S.  (Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima, 10/25/2013)
3880 131024  NSA Monitored Phone Calls Of 35 World Leaders Report  (Huffington Post, Reuters, 10/24/2013; AOL)
3859 131022  Richard Cohen: Edward Snowden is no traitor  (Washington Post, Richard Cohen, 10/21/2013)
Explain yourself: France, Mexico irate over NSA spying (+video)
  (CS Monitor, Arthur Bright, 10/21/2013)
3843 131020  NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally  (Washington Post, Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani, 10/14/2013)
3746 131010  4 Americans meet Snowden to give him award  (USA Today, Associated Press, 10/10/2013)
Sam Adams Award - Wikipedia
3729 131009  'Snowden's revelations had very little impact' - Data Protection (Deutsche Welle, written by Nina Haase & edited by Spencer Kimball, 10/07/2013)  
3640 131002  NSA leaker Snowden shortlisted for EU human rights prize - EUROPEAN UNION  (France 24, 10/01/2013, AFP)
3619 130929  N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens  (NY Times, and LAURA POITRAS, 09/28/2013; Google)
3459 130918  "NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks In Snowden’s footsteps NSA leaker’s new life in Russia — RT News
3377 130912  "NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks EU lawmakers nominate Snowden for Sakharov human rights prize — RT News
3121 130821  "WikiLeaks"  WikiLeaks trial Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison - latimes.com
* 3105130819  Al Qaeda 'targeting European rail network' - EUROPE - AL QAEDA - FRANCE 24 - Al Qaeda is plotting attacks on Europe's high-speed rail network, German newspaper Bild reported on Monday, citing a leaked National Security Agency (NSA) report.
3062 130816  Leaks & Spying  NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds - The Washington Post
2999 130811  Leaks & Spying  EU ranked as 'key priority' for NSA monitoring - USA - FRANCE 24  |  Russia among countries atop NSA surveillance priority list — RT News  |  Assange Obama 'validates' Snowden  (USA Today)  |  PressTV - The NSA is turning the internet into a total surveillance system
2984 130810  Leaks & Spying  Obama administration asserts broad surveillance powers - The Washington Post
2958 130808  Leaks & Spying  Obama Cancels Moscow Putin Summit After Snowden’s Asylum - Bloomberg  |  Obama cancels Putin meeting over Snowden row    News DW.DE 07.08.2013  |  Kremlin ‘disappointed’ Obama called off Putin talks, decision is 'Snowden-related' — RT News  |  Obama cancels meeting with Putin amid Snowden tension - USA - FRANCE 24  |  White House snubs meet with Putin over Snowden - WORLD - Globaltimes.cn  |  Obama to postpone meeting with Putin -NHK WORLD English-  |  PressTV - Obama cancels planned meeting with Putin
2945 130807  Leaks & Spying  NSA snooping could cost U.S. tech companies $35 billion over three years  (Washington Post)  |  How Much Will PRISM Cost the U.S. Cloud Computing Industry?  (ITIF: Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
Obama ‘disappointed’ with Snowden asylum, says no domestic spying program in US — RT News
Obama on Russia ‘They slip back into Cold War thinking’ - The Washington Post  (video on CBS, Washington Post)

2915 130805-0806  Leaks & Spying  Snowden growing accustomed to Russian life, waiting for father’s August arrival — RT News  |  Exclusive U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans - chicagotribune.com  |  DEA agents use NSA intercepts to investigate Americans – report — RT USA  |  DEA Special Operations Division Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans Report  (HUFFPOST, AOL)  |  PressTV - Why won’t they tell us the truth about NSA spying?  | 
Telephone tapping (Wiretapping) - Wikipedia

2903 130804  NSA Leaks & Spying  ‘Russia is not a colony, US has no legal basis to claim Snowden’ – lawyer — RT News
In Defense of Leakers: Snowden and Manning The New Yorker

2876 130802  NSA Leaks & Spying  ‘No plans to leave Russia’ Snowden has job offer, awaits reunion with family, girlfriend — RT News  |  Edward Snowden asylum US 'disappointed' by Russian decision World news The Guardian - White House says Moscow should hand back whistleblower and hints Barack Obama might boycott Vladimir Putin meeting
2854 130801  NSA Leaks & Spying  Lawyer Snowden has political asylum, can stay in Russia for 1 year - CNN.com
2732 130724  NSA Leaks & Spying  PressTV - Americans are concerned about personal privacy after NSA leaks Poll
2540 130712  NSA Leaks & Spying  How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages World news The Guardian  |  Snowden Reveals Microsoft PRISM Cooperation Helped NSA Decrypt Emails, Chats, Skype Conversations  (International Business Times)  |  Snowden wants asylum in Russia, ready to meet condition not to damage US (VIDEO) — RT News  |  US in no position to blame Hong Kong over Snowden South China Morning Post  |  BBC News - Russian lawmaker 'Snowden is a hot potato'
2505 130710  NSA Leaks & Spying  We Are All Pole Dancing on the Internet The New Yorker   
Pole dance - Wikipedia

2480 130708  NSA Leaks & Spying  NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge UK news guardian.co.uk
2460 130706  NSA Leaks & Spying  U.S. fugitive Snowden offered asylum in 3 Latin American countries  (Chicago Tribune)
2454 130705  NSA Leaks & Spying page  Le Monde French Agency Spies on Phone Calls, Email, Web Use  (Voice of America)
2426 130702  NSA Leaks & Spying  Snowden withdraws request for asylum in Russia - The Washington Post  |  Nations worldwide shun Snowden’s asylum appeal - RUSSIA - FRANCE 24  |  French parties call for Snowden political asylum - USA - FRANCE 24  |  Snowden asylum bid 1 withdrawn, 9 denied, 11 pending — RT News  (Russia)  |  ‘There’s element of panic in US policy towards Edward Snowden’ — RT Op-Edge  |  Editorial Obama Must Offer Answers on NSA Spying in EU - SPIEGEL ONLINE  (Germany)  |  Hollande urges common European stance on U.S. spying - Xinhua English.news.cn  (China)  |  Data surveillance by democracies TOP STORIES DW.DE 02.07.2013  (Germany)  |  New NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies World news The Guardian  (England)  |  New NSA spying allegations rile European allies - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun  (Japan)  |  Across Asia, officials' e-mails may be vulnerable - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun  (Japan)  |  Snowden breaks his silence to blast Obama administration South China Morning Post  (China)
The N.S.A.'s Prism Remains Opaque The New Yorker  

2419 130701  Putin Says Snowden Must Stop Hurting U.S. to Stay in Russia  -  Mr. Putin added, “... If he wants to say here, there is one condition: He must cease his work aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners, as strange as it may sound from my lips.”  (NY Times)
2396 130629  NSA Leaks & Spying  BBC News - EU concern over Der Spiegel claim of US spying  |  Latest US news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian guardiannews.com The Guardian  |  Edward Snowden has not weakened president, says Susan Rice World news guardian.co.uk  |  Edward Snowden´s next stop CCTV News - CNTV English  |  Edward Snowden's father seeks to broker deal with U.S. for son's return - latimes.com
2390 130628  Obama Seeks to Play Down Snowden’s Import - NYTimes.com  |  The Army really doesn't want soldiers reading about the NSA leaks - The Week  |  Al Qaeda Changing Tactics After NSA Leaks  (Huffington Post)  |  Gen. Alexander NSA leaks hurt anti-terrorism efforts - The Washington Post
Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal — RT Russian politics  |  US sources claim China and Russia got access to Snowden's computers — RT USA
Globaltimes.cn Global Times Special Coverage Edward Snowden

2370 130627  NSA Leaks & Spying  Snowden’s only safe choice may be to stay in Russia indefinitely  (Washington Post)  |  Obama US won't send fighter jets to intercept Snowden flights — RT USA  |  'World order unjust and immoral!' Ecuador’s Correa rips into Snowden coverage — RT News  |  Snowden's spying revelations are point of pride to some Brits - latimes.com  |  German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) - Data Monitoring  Germans also intercept electronic data - but not much Germany  (Deutsche Welle)    Germany
2347 130626  NSA leaks  Snowden traveling with safe conduct granted by Ecuador EcuadorTimes.net Breaking News, Ecuador News, World, Sports, Entertainment  |  Snowden remains at Moscow airport, Russia says - USA - FRANCE 24  |  Snowden and Putin U.S. Whistle-Blower’s Fate Is in Russian President’s Hands TIME.com
2330 130625  NSA leaks  Putin Snowden still at airport, won’t be extradited - The Washington Post  |  Mick Jagger Obama 'Is Listening In' On D.C. Concert  (Huffington Post, AOL)  |  Russian law enforces are not searching for Snowden  (ITAR-TASS)

2316 130624  Snowden apparently did not board Havana flight, but may leave Moscow Tuesday - The Washington Post  |  Edward Snowden's whereabouts unknown - chicagotribune.com
2308 130623  NSA leaks  Fugitive Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador foreign minister - Yahoo! News  |  U.S. warns countries against Snowden travel - chicagotribune.com  |  NSA leaker Snowden arrives in Moscow en route to 'third country' with WikiLeaks help — RT News  |  China 'gravely concerned' on cybersnooping by US, called world's 'biggest villain' South China Morning Post
2295 130622  NSA leaks  U.S. charges Snowden with espionage  /  NSA surveillance may be legal — but it’s unconstitutional  /  NSA secrets revealed — in 1960  (Washington Post)
2282 130621  Spying  Top Official Admits F-35 Stealth Fighter Secrets Stolen  (Breaking Defense, AOL)
Guardian Leaked documents expose massive UK spying operation involving 200 fiber optic cables - The Washington Post
2227 130618  NSA Leaks NSA chief agency programs prevented over 50 potential terrorist acts - chicagotribune.com
2207 130617  NSA leaks  Snowden leaks reveal Britain spied on G20 members - UK - FRANCE 24  |  G-8 meeting will test NSA leaks' effect on U.S. influence - latimes.com  |  Poll Americans say Snowden should be prosecuted for NSA leaks, but views are complicated  (USA Today)
2179 130615  NSA-proof encryption exists. Why doesn’t anyone use it  (Washington Post)  |  Hong Kong rally backs Snowden, denounces allegations of U.S. spying - Chicago Tribune
2162 130614  Edward Snowden shows evolution of smuggling secrets - LA Times  |  Five myths about privacy - The Washington Post
2147 130613  Edward Snowden and the Underground High-Tech Economy  (Mashable)
STEM fields (STEM education) - Wikipedia
2146 130613  NSA surveillance defeats democracy - Chicago Tribune  |  NSA hacks China, leaker Snowden claims - CNN  |  Sen. Bill Nelson Edward Snowden failed to expose government abuse with treasonous acts - NY Daily News  |  France's Le Pen demands political asylum for Snowden - FRANCE 24  |  Snowden likely overstepped access at NSA experts - FRANCE 24  |  NSA surveillance program is one of many Big Brothers watching - LA Times  |  Top 10 commentaries on the NSA leaks and whistleblower Edward Snowden - Lindsey Bever guardian.co.uk  |  N.S.A. Scandal God Save Us From the Lawyers The New Yorker
Whistleblower - Wikipedia
2127 130612  Know Where to Run to The 5 Best Countries With No Extradition  (Daily Finance, AOL)
2115 130611-0612  NSA chief says surveillance has stopped “dozens” of potential terrorist attacks Fox News
Russia ready to consider asylum for NSA whistleblower Snowden — RT News  |  Russia may deem civil servants’ use of Gmail, Facebook ‘high treason’ — RT Russian politics
Survey Most Americans Are OK With NSA Phone Surveillance  (Mashable)
2098 130610-0611  NSA Prism programme William Hague makes statement on GCHQ - video Politics guardian.co.uk  |  GCHQ not 'trawling' people's emails, William Hague tells MPs - Telegraph
The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) - Wikipedia
Brussels failed to act against US surveillance of EU citizens Europe DW.DE 11.06.2013
European Union (EU) - Wikipedia
2093 130610  Merkel, other European leaders raise concerns on U.S. surveillance - The Washington Post
US data surveillance worries German expert Sci-Tech DW.DE 09.06.2013

2080 130609  Edward Snowden the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations World news guardian.co.uk  |  Edward Snowden, The N.S.A. Leaker, Comes Forward The New Yorker  |  NSA contractor 'I know I have done nothing wrong'  (USA Today)
The National Security Agency - NSA-CSS
National Security Agency - Wikipedia
2054 130608  George W Obama viral picture shows president getting attacks from the left  (MSN)  |  The Huffington Post's Brutal Front Page 'GEORGE W. OBAMA' - SFGate

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