2005 "Picture of the Week"

0031 050305 Flags at Half-Staff   in honor of the fallen soldiers イラク戦争での戦没兵士に敬意を表し...

0032 050310 High Gas Prices  ガソリン代、急にあがる

0033 050320 Palm Sunday パーム(シュロの葉)日曜日)

0034 050404 In honor of Pope John Paul II (added: 050415) ローマ法王 Pope John Paul II 亡くなられる (050402)

0035 050415 Muskrat swims  (050415)  Spring is on the horizon even in the Twin Cities.  The Twin Cities に、春が、近い証拠例:Muskrat が、湖の氷の無い所で、泳ぐ

0036 050425 Palm Cross on Palm Sunday

0037 050503 Goose Nest 

0038 050510 Farm Babies (Minnesota Zoo) バニー、 鶏のヒナ、アヒルの子

0039 050524 Barn Owl from Raptor Spring Release

0040 050602 School Buses & Your Own Cars for HS Students

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