Wildlife (Bird) Cams  2015/2016

Cornell Lab Bird Cams  California Condor
For example, we like these:
April 02, 2016  "2016 Nesting Season Introduction"
April 04, 2016  "Hatching chick!"
April 05, 2016  "Female Feeds Day Old chick"
May 13, 2016  "Chick Hops, Interacts with Feather"
July 18, 2016  "Another Feeding"
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California Condor, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology -
The population fell to just 22 birds in the 1980s, but there are now some 230 free-flying birds in California, Arizona, and Baja California with another 160 in captivity. ...
California Condor - California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Both California and Andean condors are endangered species.
California condor Raptor Center - University of Minnesota - The Raptor Center treated its first California condor patient November 4, 2005.
"We were fortunate to be able to watch the California Condor - Rehabilitation Cam, while the Condor was at the Center in 2005. We've never seen California Condors before."
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11536 1607289  Beluga Boat Cam - Underwater - Oceans - explore  Beluga Whales
Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska - Bears - explore
Walrus Cam - Round Island - Oceans - explore
Audubon Osprey Nest - Bird Cams - explore  The 3 babies are getting big.
Long-eared Owl - Bird Cams - explore

Bald Eagles:
8682 150307 
Think spring, eagles. Think spring.  ABC, 03/05/2015  (Julie, thanks for info)
Pennsylvania Game Commission - State Wildlife Management Agency  Bald Eagle Live Stream, Hanover and Pennsylvania Bald Eagles video    Pennsylvania
DNR EagleCam  Live video, Minnesota DNR  "Two eaglets are being raised in the nest."     Minnesota
Decorah Eagles, Ustream.TV And now there are Three Eggs!!  Decorah, Iowa

11568 160808  Decorah Eagles 6-14-14 Owl Attacks Eaglets On Nest - YouTube  
Decorah Eagles ~ Raccoon Intruder ~ Mom Instantly Reacts ~ 340 a m 03-15-2014 - YouTube
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Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, Maine  2015  (Info from Janet, 6711 140721) 
11550 16080
This Rare Video of a Bald Eagle Attacking an Osprey Nest Is an Incredible Display of Speed and Strength | Audubon  2016
Audubon Osprey Nest - Bird Cams - explore
Rachel and Steve Left Chick-less After Eagle Raids Nest | Audubon  2015

Red-tailed Hawk:  Cornell Lab Bird Cams  Ithaca, New York

Long-eared Owl - Bird Cams - explore  Missoula, Montana

Great Horned Owl - Bird Cams - explore  Charlo, Montana

Bella Hummingbird Nest - Bird Cams - explore  La Verne, California

Ivy Hummingbird Cam - Bird Cams - explore  Van Nuys, California

We've never found a hummingbird nest. Hummingbird nests are hard to find because the nests are so small and well camouflaged. We saw an abandoned hummingbird's nest at Arboretum (Chaska, MN) on Matt's birding walk. For more info on hummingbird nests, Hummingbird Nests  world of hummingbirds .com

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