Here is a pic of a "Tick." We think this is a wood (dog) tick*; this isn't a deer tick. The body length is about 5 mm. This pic was shot in Minnesota on 100515.  Stay away from any ticks, especially deer ticks. Ticks are blood sucking parasites. Ticks are vectors for many diseases, for example, Lyme disease.
Deer Ticks vs. Wood Ticks | Deer Ticks (MN DNR: Deer Tick Bite Prevention)  日本語(怖い病気を運ぶ吸血鬼、アウトドアー愛好家のための大切な情報
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  Lone star tick, very widespread in America ranging from Texas to Iowa in the Midwest and east to the coast where it can be found as far north as Maine, as far south as Guatemala, and sightings of this species have been reported in Québec, Colombia and Ecuador.
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* Entomologist Dean says this is a wood tick. 100522 "Dean, Thanks so much for your answer."

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