Spider クモ

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  (Up-Close)    111009

A spider catches its prey   クモが、バッタをクモの巣で捕獲    110917

11087 160331  Healing Spider Silk  Deutsche Welle, 03/19/2016 

9604 150704  Some spiders can sail across oceans, scientists say - CNN.com  07/04/2015

9259 150518  Cloudy with a Chance of Arachnids? 'Spider Rain' Explained  LiveScience, 05/15/2015
Arachnid - Wikipedia

7478 141019  Goliath Encounter: Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest - Yahoo News  Tanya Lewis, LiveScience, 10/18/2014

Deadly 60 - Goliath Bird Eating Spider - YouTube
Giant Huntsman Spider: World's Largest Spider By Leg Span  LiveScience, Jessie Szalay, 11/21/2013
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6988 140821  What Would Happen If All The Spiders Disappeared?   BuzzFeed, Sara Rubin, 08/15/2014
The Importance of Spiders to an Ecosystem Animals - PawNation  Nicholas DeMarino, Demand Media

6408 140619   Fish-Eating Spiders Are Everywhere  (Animals, Jason G. Goldman, 06/19/2014)

6000 140514  The Lives of Sociable Spiders  (NY Times, Natalie Angier, 05/11/2014)

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5416 140321  Spider looks completely surprised on MSN Video

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