Photo 1        Here is a pic of two "Monarchs" gathering nectar from the flowers; they are Blazing Star (native), if we're not mistaken. This photo was taken at Phalen Park, St. Paul, MN, on 060826. Monarchs(オオカバマダラ、渡り蝶:ミネソタ <---> メキシコ)Monarch Butterfly Web Sites: for example, Wikipeda (English & Japanese) | Monarch Butterfly
Photo: 1 Two Monarchs  |  2 Mating Monarchs
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10930 16022 Monarch butterflies and manatees, oh my! These two animals are on a big rebound. - The Washington Post
Monarch butterfly photos  |  Conservation

10684 160109  What is the mountain of butterflies - Google Doodle for Monarch Butterfly Discovery - YouTube  
Monarch Butterflies Migration - from - YouTube
What is the Mountain of Butterflies? 5 Fast Facts |
41st Anniversary of the Discovery of the Mountain of the Butterflies  Google, 01/09/2016

10149 150914  SEE the 'Monarch' butterflies migrate to Mexico this fall  Nature World Report
Incredible Journey Of The Butterflies - YouTube
Monarch butterfly migration - Wikipedia
Monarch Mania! Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle - YouTube
Monarch butterfly photos
Monarch Watch: Migration & Tagging  We attended Maplewood Nature Center's Monarch Open House (Tagging) sometime ago, whose photos will be posted soon.

3307 130906  "Nature Notes" 
Friday, Sept. 6, 2013: Around 3 p.m. we saw a painted turtle crossing the road. Yes, we did stop our car to help the turtle cross the road. That turtle was our first turtle of the season.
Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013: Around 8 p.m. we saw a
monarch butterfly resting on Rough Blazing Star flowers.
Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013: Around 9 p.m. we nearly ran over a muskrat, which was crossing the road.

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