Butterfly  蝶

Sachem Skipper (butterfly) female: 雌のSachem Skipper セセリチョウ

Cabbage White モンシロチョウ(ヨーロッパから来た蝶で、土着の蝶ではない, from Europe)

Monarch: 1 Two Monarchs  |  2 Mating Monarchs   オオカバマダラ   August 26, 2006
Monarchs(オオカバマダラ、渡り蝶:ミネソタ <---> メキシコ)& Blazing Star
Migrating Butterfly: Minnesota <---> Mexico 
Butterfly - Monarch - Tent

Monarch Butterfly Web Sites: for example, Wikipeda (English & Japanese) | Monarch Butterfly
10684 160109  What is the mountain of butterflies - Google Doodle for Monarch Butterfly Discovery - YouTube  
Monarch Butterflies Migration - from BlueMarvel.com - YouTube
What is the Mountain of Butterflies? 5 Fast Facts | Heavy.com
41st Anniversary of the Discovery of the Mountain of the Butterflies  Google, 01/09/2016

Regal Fritillary Photos:  1 (side view)  |  2a ( top view)  |  2b (top view, up-close)   August 5, 2015, photographed by Dean Hansen, an Entomologist

13575 171120  See a Brilliant Blue Butterfly Take Flight for the First Time  National Geographic

7511 141023  New organic fertilizer helps reforestation of Monarch Butterflies’ winter retreat  MSN video, Reuters, 10/22/2014

7320 141001  How One Gene Gives Monarch Butterflies the Power to Migrate - NBC News.com  Alan Boyle, 10/01/2014

6364 140615  "We've only seen two Monarch butterflies here in the Twin Cities area this year. Where are they?"
Number of monarch butterflies hibernating in Mexico reaches an all-time low - Discover University of Minnesota  01/29/2014
Monarchs Disappearing from Minnesota Gardens - Monarch Butterfly Garden  Tony Gomez, 07/12/2013

5177 140225
As monarch butterflies plummet, it's time to rethink the widespread use of our nation's top weedkiller  (Sylvia Fallon's Blog Switchboard, from NRDC, 02/24/2014)
GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and . . .?
  (Katherine Paul and Ronnie Commins - Organic Consumers Association, 02/14/2014)
5037 140212  DuPont Pioneer
DuPont Pioneer - Wikipedia
Genetically Modified (GM) Foods pros and cons - Bing
Genetically Modified Food - Bing Images
Genetically modified (GM) food - Wikipedia
5033 140211  EU allows DuPont Pioneer's GM supercorn  (Deutsche Welle, 02/11/2014)
4934 140201  With rise of herbicide, monarch butterflies sink  (Salt Lake Tribune, Warren Cornwall | Slate, 02/01/2014; Google)

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail gathers nectar from the Cup Plant flower  アゲハ蝶の一種 August 7, 2010 

Eastern Comma    March 16, 2012

Red-spotted Purple - Bing Images   Red-spotted Purple butterflies are sometimes seen here in the Twin Cities area.
Limenitis arthemis - Wikipedia
  Red-spotted Purple

Watch a Cercopia Moth Metamorphosis video | Life Cycle of Butterflies and Moths (Complete Metamorphosis) 完全変態

Butterflies and Moths of North America

7395 141009  The Butterfly Nebula from Hubble  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  October 1, 2014  -  its wingspan covers over 3 light-years, NGC 6302 lies about 4,000 light-years away. 
"It's a huge butterfly."
NGC 6302 - Wikipedia


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