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5635 140412  Bank Hard! Flies Fly Like Fighter Jets to Evade Predators  - fruit flies  (LiveScience, Tanya Lewis, 04/10/2014)


バッタ / Cricket / Katydid キリギリス科

2544 130712  Praying Mantis Picture -- Insect Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day July 7, 2013.

3386 130913  Jump start tiny planthoppers' gears make it first off at the lights  (The Sydney Morning Herald , Google)

True Bug
Backswimmer (Notonectidae, マツモムシ) 100809

Giant Water Bug

Ant Hills  アリの巣、アリ塚
Who Invented Agriculture First? It Sure Wasn't Humans | The Salt | NPR  11/25/2016

14918 181112  Good And Risky Microbes Surround Us. 'You're Never Home Alone,' Ecologist Explains Shots - Health News | NPR

14753 180929  Giant mosquitoes multiply in the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence - YouTube
Hurricane Florence left behind millions of huge mosquitoes in North Carolina  New York Post


14063 180312  Would it be wrong to eradicate mosquitoes? - BBC News 01/28/2016

11935 161126  Who Invented Agriculture First? It Sure Wasn't Humans | The Salt | NPR  11/25/2016

11265 160513  Dung Beetles Navigate by Storing Star Maps in Their Tiny Brains  GIZMODO 

11149 160414  Prism-Like Hairs Help This Ant Beat The Heat - Popular Science  04/13/2016
Saharan silver ants can control electromagnetic waves over extremely broad spectrum range
PLOS ONE: Total Internal Reflection Accounts for the Bright Color of the Saharan Silver Ant
Insect (Ant)

10686 160109  Scientists Gave Praying Mantises Tiny 3D Glasses to Prove They Have 3D Vision  GIZMODO

9995 150819  How to get rid of fruit flies -  08/18/2015
How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies - 6 Ways to Kill Fruit Flies
Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?
Fruit fly - Wikipedia

9797 150729  ANTS coordinate to navigate and move massive meals | Daily Mail Online

7915 141203  December 3, 2014  Photo of the Day - Bodybuilders  Ant Bridge Image, Indonesia  Adhi Prayoga

6800 140730  Charismatic Minifauna  Dark Data, Amber, and Attenborough - WIRED  Gwen Pearson, 07/30/2014

6550 140702 
Watch: Ants Run With Half Their Legs on the Ground  -  Humans, horses, and other animals feet leave
the ground completely when they run. But not ants, who have a much more agile way to scoot.
 -  (Popular Mechanics, Ashley P. Taylor, 07/02/2014)

5051 140213  Crazy Ants! Secret Weapon Lets Invaders Take Over US South  (LiveScience, Tanya Lewis, 02/13/2014)
'Crazy ants' terrorizing parts of U.S. are resistant to chemicals that kill other species  (Mail Online, Jessica Montoya Coggins, 06/10/2013)
Ant page
The Rise of the Crazy Ants - Ants equipped with venom antidote invade southeastern U.S. (Scientific American, Dina Fine Maron, 02/13/2014)


Arachnid - Wikipedia  over 100,000 named species, including spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, ticks, mites, and solifuges.
What's the difference between insects and arachnids? | The Daily Star

Spider クモ

Tick (怖い病気を運ぶ吸血鬼、アウトドアー愛好家のための大切な情報See Wildlife (Other Invertebrates)
13086 170806  Bug Bites
Chiggers Bites, Treatment & How to Get Rid of Chiggers
Bug Bites Pictures Slideshow: Identifying Bugs and Bug Bites
"Thank you for info on chiggers, Carole, a naturalist."

14626 180820  "A few days ago, we found a mysterious bug in our bathroom, We caught it in a bottle and released it in a yard. Now, we know that that bug was a House Centipede. We've never seen the House Centipede before. St. Paul, Minnesota, Aug. 20, 2018."
Why You Should Not Kill House Centipedes - YouTube
Scutigera coleoptrata - Wikipedia  House Centipede
Centipede - Wikipedia
10 Nasty Creatures That Can Live In Your Home - YouTube
Nature Notes  2018 

12580 170411  Couple Finds Live Scorpion in Bag of Spinach | NBC4 Washington
Scorpions, Scorpion Pictures, Scorpion Facts - National Geographic


What's the difference between insects and arachnids? | The Daily Star

9740 150723  Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in 8 Indiana counties | Fox News
West Nile virus | CDC

9325 150529  "Roly Poly"  
Roly Poly Bug - Bing Images
Roly Poly | Mother Goose Club Playhouse Kids Song - YouTube
Fun Friday: Build a Roly-Poly Terrarium -
Pillbug (Roly Poly) Terrarium (How to) - YouTube
"Roly Poly"
 Armadillidium vulgare - Wikipedia  the (common) pill-bug, (common) pill woodlouse, roly-poly, doodle bug or potato bug;
Because of their unusual yet non-threatening appearance, some Armadillidium vulgare are kept as pets in areas throughout the U.S.,
typically among children.

Roly Poly Playground - YouTube 
Roly Poly Playground - YouTube
Roly Poly Bug Facts Animals - PawNation
"Yesterday, a little cute girl kindly showed me her roly poly play ground, which she had made at her birthday party. I forgot the name of
the bug, a "roly poly'. So I disappointed her. Thanks for showing your poly poly stuff." Note: I grew up in Japan. I've never made
a roly poly playground. 

9259 150518  Cloudy with a Chance of Arachnids? 'Spider Rain' Explained  LiveScience, 05/15/2015
Arachnid - Wikipedia

8351 150126  FDA could set millions of genetically modified mosquitoes loose in Florida Keys | Fox News  AP, 01/26/2015
"dengue and chikungunya"

8211 150112  Rare half-male, half-female butterfly discovered -  01/11/2015

7884 141129  Worst parasites in the world  MSN health & fitness

7866 141128  Centipede Genome Mapped For the First Time, Shedding Light on Early Evolution - Tech Times  Jim Algar, 11/26/2014
Mapping the Human Genome - HowStuffWorks  Kevin Bonsor and Julia Layton
Human genome - Wikipedia
Gene mapping - Wikipedia
  Genome mapping
Gene mapping - Bing Images

6940 140814  Blood sucking mosquito - YouTube
9 Foods That Make You Tastier to Mosquitoes - Kitchen Daily  07/16/2014
How to avoid mosquito bites  Google

6836 140804 Article - Does a mosquito-repellant app really wor
k?  07/31/2014

4214 131202  Found! First known predator to lure prey by mimicking flowers  (Fox News, Charles Q. Choi | LiveScience, 12/02/2013; Google)
Photos: Animals That Mimic Plants  LiveScience  11/30/2013

5326 140312 
Spring and six legs on MSN Photos 

5699 140418 
Brazilian insects with reversed sexual organs have sex for 70 hours, scientists learn  (Telegraph, News Agencies, 04/17/2014)

6182 140530  Butter Butterfly Trek, Wisconsin: Local butterfly enthusiast Dean Hansen will lead the trek.  June 7, 2014 for more info, Click here 
Also check out  Dean's page

Entomologist Dean's Page  昆虫学者 Dean さんのコーナー

* Arthur V. Evans: National Wildlife Federation  Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America (Sterling, New York, 2008)
modified: 2017
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