In the Wild

(0) A female turkey perches on a dead tree branch; yep, turkeys can fly. 100710  雌の七面鳥が、枯れた木の枝の上に立っています;七面鳥は飛ぶ事が出来ます

(1) Tom Turkey (Male) with a beard and spur   080517

(2) A flock of 9 Turkeys (Female) - 3 sec  (061112)

(3) Turkey 1  030429

Wild Turkey Nest 野生の七面鳥の巣 100607

10015 150822 
Turkeys feasting on wild grapes - photos:    1  |  2a  |  2b  |  2c  |  3  |  4 
Can you use wild grapes for making food and wine?

Wild Grape
Turkey  |  Grape Vineyard  | 
Grape Stomp!

7890 141130  Unbelievable Turkey Taunt  MSN video
Turkey Road Race  MSN video

Domesticated Turkeys

(1) Domesticated turkeys

9110 150428-0429  Nature Notes:  April 28, 2015  Minneapolis & Edina, MN, on Kris' birding walk 
A Robin's nest (Gary, thanks for showing the nest), Robins, Owls, Coots, Hooded Mergansers,
a Goldfinch, a friendly Chipping Sparrow, Crows, Horned Grebes, Cardinals, a Red-bellied Woodpecker,
Mallards, Geese, Red-winged Blackbirds, Pied-billed Grebes, a Tom Turkey crossing the road in front of our car,
more ducks (too far to identify) 
Bird photos
a Cottontail rabbit (Kris, thanks for spotting the rabbit)
Nature Notes  2015
turkey gobbling - YouTube
Tom Wild Turkey in display and gobbles for the camera - YouTube
Wild Turkey Waltz - YouTube
Wild turkey mating and a Jealous Hen - YouTube
Wild Turkey Nesting, Egg Rotating, Egg Hatching, and Babies Leaving the Nest - YouTube

14391 180610     June 9, 2018, Rain & Thunder, Nature Notes from Matt's Walk @ Landscape Arboretum, Chaska, MN
5 Tom Turkeys (calls) display the fans to try to attract a hen
Gobblers Spitting and Drumming - Calling All Turkeys - YouTube  |  Turkey photos
Cooper Hawk, Pewee calls, Barn Swallow nest,
In Bloom: False Indigo, Yellow Lady's Slippers, Showy Lady's Slippers, Columbine,
Fruits: Black Walnut (still green and small),
in Bloomington, MN
Hooded Merganser female, Wood Ducks, Tree Swallows, Common Yellowthroat calls,
Gray Squirrel
Turtle nest (most likely)

Nature Notes  2018

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