Trumpeter Swans  

8808 150322  Trumpeter swans fly overhead. March 21, 2015, on Craig's Walk, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Nature Notes 2015

Three adult Trumpeter Swans and a young swan at Lake Rebecca park Reserve  110730
Photo:   1  Adult Swans  |   2a  |   2b  Young Swan

Parent Trumpeter Swan with its three Cygnets, Iowa  Trumpeter Swan白鳥の親と三羽の赤ちゃん白鳥   110702

Trumpeter Swan Cygnet Videos: Trumpeter Swan白鳥の赤ちゃん  1 
Trumpeter Swan Cygnets |   2  Squeaking Cygnet  |  3  2011 Trumpeter Swan Cygnets at Waterfowl Lake* For more info Trumpeter Swan Cygnets | Baby Bird Identification Database
* It looks like Trumpeter Swan Cygnets have pink (?, not black) feet and beaks as we can see in this video. 
Trumpeter Swan白鳥の赤ちゃんの足や口はしは、親のように、黒くなく、ピンク色に見えます

2a /
2b (Up-Close) Trumpeter Swans & Canada Geese from Craig's Birding Walk at the Wilkie Unit, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge    Feb. 25, 2012

Nest on the Beaver Lodge      100417

MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge   1 | 2      100131 真冬にもかかわらず、幸運にも、4羽の白鳥に出くわしました

Tanner's Lake, Oakdale, MN

Monticello, MN ---  The Mississippi (River): You can spot many Trumpeter Swans in Monticello, MN in the winter months (Dec. Through Feb.)

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