Common Loons   

Common Loon Photo:  1  Mom, Dad, and Me Riding on Parent's Back  + Common Loon's Call (鳴き声)  |  2  Mom Loon and Her Chick  |  3  Young Loon (May 12, 2012)  |  4a/4b  Loon's Green Neck Collar  |  5a  Mom Loon incubates   

For info on Common Loons, check Minnesota DNR

15760 190813  Putting rivalry aside, loon pair adopts duckling |  Aug. 4, 2019, Wisconsin
"Thank you for info, Julie, a naturalist."

May 15, 2012 "Nature Notes" We spotted a young LoonCommon Loon: Common Loons are able to dive as deep as 200 feet; 60 mも潜水出来ます) during Kris' birding walk at the Roberts Bird Sanctuary. 若い(多分、一才位)Loon

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