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7510 141023  5 Things You Didn't know about Rats  -  "Rats can laugh and dream. ..." -  MSN video

7500 141022  Brave hikers stand their ground during close encounter with elephant  -  Kruger National Park in South Africa  -  AOL, 10/20/2014  "Walking Safari"
Kruger National Park - Wikipedia
Safari - Wikipedia

7449 141016  Fisherman catches ‘alien’ sea creature - GrindTV.com  -  ... The Mirror described it as a cross between a starfish, an octopus, and an alien monster. ...  -  David Strege, 10/14/2014  two videos: 1 'alien' sea creature, Singapore and 2 a basket star in Indonesian waters by NOAA
"Those creatures are born to be very unique!"


7421 141012  ANIMAL WITH BIGGEST BALLS - YouTube

7345 141004  "A few days ago, Kathy, a birder sent us a photo of a leucistic sparrow, which her co-worker spotted and shot in the parking lot at work in the Twin Cities metro area. We've never heard of a "leucistic" bird before. Anyways, thanks so much for the photo, Kathy."
Albino house sparrow (Passer domesticus) - YouTube

PICTURED: The one-in-a-million white house sparrow - Daily Mail Online  Beth Hale, 10/09/2008
What Is Leucism? About Leucistic Birds  Birding about.com, Melissa Mayntz

Partial albino house sparrow Northwest Ohio Nature, Chris Mayer
Plumage - Wikipedia  partial albinism
Albinism - Wikipedia

7319 141001  Top 10 Fastest Land Animals - Discovery News  - ... the mite's speed is equivalent to a person running roughly 1,300 miles per hour ...  -  Jennifer Viegas, 04/27/2014

7143 140910  How Animals See The World - YouTube  BuzzFeedYellow

7085 140902  Deadly Beauty: Portuguese Man-of-War - National Geographic  Jane J. Lee, photographs and video Aaron Ansarov  Very intersting pix and video
Portuguese Man-of-War  -  Their tentacles are 50-foot (15.2-meter) long  -  National Geographic video

7055 140829  To study evolution, scientists raise fish to walk on land - CSMonitor.com  Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributing Writer, 08/28/2014

7052 140829  16 Goats In A Tree - YouTube
A Herd Of Goats In Morocco Climb Argan Trees For Food  -  Imagine Driving Down The Road and Seeing This In The Trees. Seriously, This Is Crazy.  -  VIRALNOVA, 05/14/2014
LiveLeak.com - Goats climbing trees in Morocco.  God_Himself, 12/27/2013
Geography of Morocco - Map of Morocco - Worldatlas.com
Argania - Wikipedia  Argan (Argania spinosa)

7037 140827  Teen snares ultra-rare blue lobster - New York Post  David K. Li, 08/25/2014

7032 140826  "Vermin"  ‘Super rats’ wreak havoc in Southie - Boston Herald  Richard Weir, 08/26/2014
'Super rats expected to outnumber humans two to one by next year' - Mail Online  Amanda Williams, 04/25/2014


7021 140824  Goliath grouper eats shark in one bite - Chicago Tribune

7016 140824  Watch Animalist News: The Animal That Holds the Answer to Immortality - Online Hulu
The Immortal Jellyfish - YouTube
The Past, Present And Future Of Human Immortality, Will We Live Forever - YouTube

7014 140823  Famed Galapagos tortoise 'Pepe the Missionary' dies - Yahoo News  AFP, 08/22/2014
Galápagos Islands - Wikipedia
Charles Darwin - Wikipedia
Second voyage of HMS Beagle - Wikipedia
Tortoise - Wikipedia

7013 140823  Kruger Park to Move 500 Rhinos to Save Species from Extermination – News Watch  National Geographic, Leon Marshall, 08/13/2014 
Kruger National Park, South Africa

7006 140823  Wildlife Advocates Score a Win at Cape Hatteras - Audubon Maga
zine  Chelsea Harvey, 08/18/2014
Cape Hatteras National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service)
  North Carolina
Cape Hatteras National Seashore - Bing Images
List of United States national lakeshores and seashores - Wikipedia
U.S. National Park Service - Experience Your America
  |  National Parks

7012 140823  Help Wildlife by Sharing the Beach - Audubon Magazine  08/21/2014 with a video

7010 140823  Three lions attack a crocodile in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya - Mail Online  Laura Silver, 08/21/2014

7000 140822  Thousands of species found in lake under Antarctic ice  -  ... nearly 4,000 species, many of them completely new...  -  AOL, 08/20/2014

6945 140815  9 Stunning Photos Of Pacific Northwest Sealife - Popular Science  Lindsey Kratochwill, 08/11/2014

6938 140814  Ancient Butterfly-Headed Flying Reptile Discovered - Discovery News  Tia Ghose, Live Science, 08/13/2014

6928 140813  Amazon's Biggest Fish Faces Threat of Extinction  (Live Science, Elizabeth Palermo, 08/13/2014)
Arapaima - Wikipedia
 - In addition to gills, it has a modified and enlarged swim bladder, composed of lung-like tissue, which enables it to extract oxygen from the air.  
River Monsters: The Powerful Arapaima: Video: Animal Planet

6922 140813  Gecko's Sticky Secret A Lot Of Toe Hair - Forbes  Eric Mack, 08/12/2014
Geckos Use Toe Hairs to Adhere to Surfaces  (Viral Global News, James Fenner, 08/13/2014)
Gecko - Wikipedia

6920 140812  Seal rides along with surfers on MSN Video
Baby seal joins surfers for a ride - UK - News - The Independent  Kiran Moodley, 08/07/2014
baby seal - Bing Images
Pinniped - Wikipedia often generalized as seals

6874 140807  AOL.com Article - Study says horses 'talk' to other horses with ears, eyes  08/05/2014

6822 140802  A story for the birds? The incredible shrinking dinosaur (+video) - CSMonitor.com  Pete Spotts, 08/01/2014

6820 140802  Should We Close The Ocean To Save Fish? - Discovery News  04/14/2014

6819 140802  Mysterious Velella Washing Up on California Coast - Discovery News  Richard Farrell, 08/01/2014
Velella - Wikipedia

Velella - Bing Images
Plankton Chronicles- Velella - YouTube   close cousin to jellyfish

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