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Common Types of Mushrooms | Real Simple
A Visual Guide to Mushrooms |

Looking for Deadly Mushrooms - YouTube  Mushrooms of the World

Fungus - Wikipedia
mushrooms - Bing Images
fungi - Bing Images

* Mushrooms

Giant Puffballs (10 to 70 cm in diameter)*

Morel Mushrooms   1  |   2  (Morel Mushrooms are hollow:キノコの中は、空っぽです)   春にとれるキノコ:このキノコは、味の良いことで有名、値段も高いです。このキノコは、枯れたエルムの木の周りにでるとよく聞きます。一度も野生のMorel を見たことがありません。スーパーでは、乾燥Morel が売られています。乾燥Morelも結構高いです。日本では、キノコ狩りと言えば、秋ですが、春に、このMorel狩りは盛んです。

Artist's Conk (Ganoderma applanatum)

Artist's Conk Photos:   1  |   2  |  3   
Artist Conk Mushroom Drawings - Bing Images
Artist's Conk (Ganoderma applanatum) -
Ganoderma applanatum - Wikipedia  the Artist's Bracket or Artist's Conk

Nature 101: An anniversary artist's conk | The Concord Insider
Nature’s Canvas: The Artist’s Conk Inside Bainbridge

Mushroom with gills


12820 170603  The world's most dangerous mushroom and what it did to an 18-month-old girl - Chicago Tribune

8598 150225  Glow-in-the-Dark Mushrooms: Nature’s Night Lights  National Geographic, 02/13/2015, northern Brazil

Shiitake and Enoki-dake (Japanese mushrooms) シイタケやエノキダケは、アメリカのスーパーで、買えます

Slime Mold
10192 150921  Slime Mold Photos:   1  |  2  (Up-Close) 
slime mold - Bing Images
Mould Time-lapse - The Great British Year Episode 4 Preview - BBC One - YouTube
slime mould - YouTube
Heather Barnett: What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime - YouTube
Slime Molds  Microbe World
Slime mold - Wikipedia  or Slime moulds
Six Kingdoms of Classification - YouTube


11511 160722  Lichen is a famous biological partnership — but it might actually be a threesome - The Washington Post
How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology - The Atlantic
Lichen Biology - YouTube

Lichen gallery - YouTube
Lichen Identification Methods - YouTube
What are lichens?
Lichen - Wikipedia

Who Were The First Organisms To Live On Land? | Popular Science

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