*    Lyndale Park Peace Garden, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Japanese Bridge

Poppy in Bloom

"Cacti grow in Minnesota!!!"
6858 140806  "Cacti grow in Minnesota!!!" Prickly Pear (Opuntia macrorhiza, cactus family), which is native to Minnesota, is in bloom. Peace Garden*, Minneapolis, MN on June 29, 2014
Prickly Pear Flower Photos:  1a  |  Up-Close  1b  |  1c
Plains Prickly Pear (Opuntia macrohiza)  Minnesota DNR
Opuntia macrorhiza (Plains Prickly Pear) - Minnesota Wildflowers

Opuntia fragilis (Brittle Prickly Pear) - Minnesota Wildflowers
Cactus - Wikipedia
   Cacti are native to the Americas...  

* "Connie and Trisha, thank you for locating these cacti the other day." Connie is a volunteer, and Trisha, a horticulturist.

Chestnut-sided Warbler

*    Lyndale Park Rose Garden, Minneapolis, MN

Quadcopter Drone Photos:  1a  |  Up-Close  1b 

7797 141122-1123  TGI Friday’s In-Restaurant Drone Hovers Mistletoe Over Customers' Heads - Popular Science  UK  Kelsey D. Atherton, 11/21/2014
Quadcopter Drone photos  |  Quadcopter (Drone) page  |  Airplane

7707 141113  AP Exclusive: Drones patrol half of Mexico border  Elliot Spagat, 11/13/2104

6434 140621  Park Service's Sweeping Ban Of Model Aircraft And Drones Creates Confusion  (Forbes, Greg McNeal, 06/20/2014)
Info Resources: Pioneer Press 

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