Photo 3a (Animal Track & Trail Photo - Otter Tracks)     Otter Tracks (Up-Close), which George and Anne spotted, on the Minnesota River Ice/Snow. This pic was shot on January 16, 2010 on George & Anne's birding walk*, MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Black Dog Unit.  /氷の上の川ラッコの足跡
Birding at Black Dog Unit 100116 Photo:  1  |  2 Trumpeter Swans | 3a / 3b (Up-Close)  Otter Tacks
Animal Tack & Trail Photos: Deer Tracks:  1  |  2  鹿の足跡  |  Deer Trail:  1  2  (101229)  鹿のトレイル()  |  Fox Track  /  Fox Tracks  |  Mouse Tracks (101229)  マウスの足跡Otter Tacks (100116) 3a / 3b (Up-Close)   /氷の上の川ラッコの足跡  |  Rabbit Tracks & Rabbit Hole (101229) 野うさぎの足跡と巣穴Raccoon Track:   1    タヌキの足跡  |  Squirrel Tracks:  1   |   2  (101229)   リスの足跡 Squirrel (or Hare) Tracks リス、または、野うさぎの足跡 Turkey Track 七面鳥の足跡        Animal Track page
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* Naturalists George Skinner and Anne volunteer for the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.
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