Deer Tracks    Dec. 16, 2012
2a / 2b (Up-Close) 3a / 3b    Spike Buck (Young Buck)   若い雄シカに初めて出くわしました    Nov. 17, 2012
Fawn in the summer    鹿の赤ちゃん (夏)
Deer Family: Parents (Buck & Doe) and their Kid (Fawn)    111029    鹿のファミリー:両親と子供
Photo:  1  |  2   Dad, Kid, and Mom (Doe) |  3  Dad, Kid, and Mom (Up-Close) |  4  Dad and his kid |  5 Dad (Buck, Up-close)

Squirrel (Chipmunk, Gray Squirrel,
Red Squirrel)
Chipmunk's Large Cheek Pouches Photo:   1  |  2  | 
Photo:  3a / 3b / 3c / 3d  Chipmunk looks for acorns & feeds on the acorn    シマリス     October 20, 2012

3a / 3b (Up-Close)  Fat Gray Squirrel in winter
Squirrels Feast on Black Walnuts Photo:  1  Red Squirrel Feeds on a Black Walnut |   2  Gray Squirrel Carries a Black Walnut  |  3a / 3b (Up-Close)  Gray Squirrel Feeds on a Black Walnut   
November 3, 2012    今日は、リス(Gray Squirrel: ハイイロリス and Red Squirrel: キタリス) たちが、ブラックウォールナットを楽しんで食べまくっています。
Photo:  1  Red squirrel eats high bush cranberry fruits  |  2  "More high bush cranberry fruits" Red Squirrel が、High Bush Cranberry フルーツを食べているのを初めて見ました

Muskrat & its Lodge    Nov. 3, 2012
Photo:  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  Two Muskrats    October 20, 2012
Photo: 5a / 5b (Up-Close) Young Muskrat
    June 10, 2012

December 3, 2011 Nature Notes ネーチャーノート
Deer, Gray Squirrels, a Muskrat Lodge, Squirrel nests, Could be Muskrat Tracks (Animal Tracks) on the ice, a newly built - tree hole for a possible Woodpecker's winter shelter, bubbles in the ice, a Cardinal, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpecker (male), Crows, Moss (green), All the ponds in the center have frozen over, High Bush Cranberry fruits, Bittersweet fruits, Buckthorn fruits,
Witch Hazel flowers
Photo:  1  Sun on a cloudy winter day  |  2  Snow-covered Boardwalk  |  3  Pond has frozen over  |  4  Muskrat Lodge  |  5  White-breasted Nuthatch  ゴジュウカラの一種 6  Woodpecker's new tree cavity for winter shelter  |  7a / 7b (Up-Close)  Squirrel's Nest

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modified: Dec. 17, 2012
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