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"Spring Ephemerals"
Snow Trilliums   April 9, 2006
     Pasque flowers (Pasqueflowers) 西洋オキナグサ (Arboretum, Chanhassen, MN, April 27, 2006)
Hepaticas 雪割草  April 15, 2007
     Virginia bluebells
     Trout lilies
     Dutchman's breeches

Prairie Smoke (Prairie) May 28, 2010  プレイリー スモーク

Marsh Marigold  (Wetland) April 10, 2010

Eastern Skunk Cabbage flowers (Wetland) April 16, 2011  この花は、発熱し、近くの雪を融かし、開花します

Pussy Willow with Catkins  ネコヤナギ

Showy Ladyslipper (Lady Slipper, or Lady's Slipper: Minnesota's State Flower*)   ミネソタ州花(ランの一種)June 14, 2011   

Yellow Ladyslipper (Lady Slipper, or Lady's Slipper)  May 21, 2006

Note: Eloise Butler Wildflower and bird Sanctuary is one of the best places to find the wildflowers and to learn about wildflowers. For more info, click here*.

modified: September 19, 2014
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