"The summer seems to be flying by; hope everyone is enjoying it."  夏がアッと言う間に、過ぎていきそうです。皆さんが、夏を楽しんで過ごしていることを願っています。Summer Vacation Ideas, for example, 1 2  夏休みのアイデア
Family Summer Vacation Ideas | Summer Vacation Ideas  Please let us know if you have good summer vacation ideas. 素敵な夏休みアイデアがありましたら、お知らせ下さい。
Popular Destinations よく聞く夏休みの行き先: Yellowstone National Park (
Wyoming), Glacier National Park (Montana), Alaska, Europe, Washington D.C., etc.  Check out Our Must-See Page

"Wave Sounds" 60min Sunrise at "The Beach" video from Galveston, Texas | "Waterfall" 30mins Natural Sound Peaceful Meditation Sleep  video from Austin, Texas

9696 150717  15 Forgotten Summertime Activities We Need To Bring Back  MSN lifestyle, Mental Floss, 07/15/2015

Most Amazing Summer Vacation Destinations (photos)
10 Best Vacation Bets for 2012
Summer Camps (photos) | Summer Camps for Kids (photos)
Summer Food | BBQ | Beer | Six Pack of Beer | 12 oz Beer | Beer Party | Ice Cream Social
Beach Swimming | Canoeing | Kayaking | Water Skiing | Summer Water Fountains for Kids | Sun Tanning | Lifeguard | CPR | Summer Jobs | Summer Jobs for Kids
Summer Beach photos | Summer Vacations
Water Park | White Water | Diving | Take Me Out to the Base Ball Game | the ice cream truck song ... Ruun!!!  | Farmers Market
Sand Castle | Kids Sand Castle |
Beach Volleyball | Yachting | Seashells on the Beach

Hanging Flower Baskets | Summer Gardening | Summer Fruits | Fruit Photos ( Blueberry | Raspberry | Strawberry | Blackberry | Cherry )
2012 SI Swimsuit Edition | Summer Outdoor Concerts
Shakespeare Festivals and Theatres
LAN party photos | Summer Wedding photos | Smoothie photos | Marshmallow Party photos
Block Party Photos
July 4th Fireworks photos | July 4th Fireworks videos | July 4th Parades photos | July 4th Parades videos (Google)
Top 10 Must-See Summer Movies Of 2012
夏の映画 2012

County Fairs | Example photos カウンテイフェヤー
State Fairs < http://www.weekendevent.com/statefairs.htm > |  State Fair photos ステイトフェヤー
Renaissance Festivals < http://scribe.faire.net/scribeEventList.html > | Renaissance Festival photos ルネサンスフェステイバル

"Everyone, Enjoy The Summer!"

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