Father's Day, For more information on Father's Day see  Letter 67レター 67      父の日

9476 150618  Around this time of the year many birds are raising their young. Pileated woodpecker parents are feeding their baby boys
on the nest.
A dad pileated woodpecker feeds his babies - photos 1a  |  1b (Up-Close)  |  2

Here is a special Father's Day picture.  Enjoy.  Click Here  a Mallard duck family

Family of Canada Geese 1  |  2 (May 13th)  |  3 (June 1st)  

Red-bellied Woodpecker: Dad sticking her head out of nest in tree (his family's home) | Dad feeds the young

Dad Osprey's busy feeding his nestlings and mate.

Father photo

14413 180617     June 17, 2018    Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father’s Day Songs: Beautiful Father’s Day Song For 2018 - YouTube
I Love My Daddy | Happy Fathers Day Song | Fathers Day Songs | The Kiboomers - YouTube
The Father's Day Song. A funny song for Dads. - YouTube
GEORGE STRAIT - A father's Love - YouTube
Father's Day Song - Through The Eyes Of My Father - Brianna Haynes - YouTube
For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston for Jun 17, 2018 - GoComics
June 17, 2018    Father's Day 
14409 180616  Why Don't Bees Celebrate Father's Day? - YouTube 
Honey bee - Wikipedia
June 17, 2018    Father's Day

11376 160613  Five things pediatricians want dads to know about parenting - LA Times
Father's Day    June 19, 2016

9496 15062 Dadbods That Are ‘Too Hot To Handle’   Yahoo Parenting, 06/18/2015
What Is “Dad Bod?” Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Phrase And Phenomenon  Bustle, 4/21/2015
June 21, 2015
3rd Sun. in June   父の日 Happy Father's Day   Letter 67レター 67    Father's Day Photo Gallery  

9495 150621  What do dads really want this Father's Day? Ten surprising facts. - CSMonitor.com
Father’s Day Documentary Looks at Obama Volunteer Program | TIME, 06/20/2015
Movies to watch with your dad  MSN Entertainment, 06/17/2015

June 21, 2015
3rd Sun. in June   父の日 Happy Father's Day   Letter 67レター 67    Father's Day Photo Gallery

6365 140615  June 15, 2014    Father's Day 
Father's Day - YouTube
What Makes a Real Man - YouTube
Happy Fathers Day from Family Share - YouTube

6351 140614  Book review: ‘Do Fathers Matter?,’ on the science of fatherhood, by Paul Raeburn  (Washington Post Opinions, Bruce Feiler, 06/13/2014)
Colbert King: A father’s labor of love  (Washington Post Opinions, Colbert I. King, 06/13/2014)

6348 140614  A Father’s Day gift for kids Protect them from gun violence  (Washington Post Opinions, Mark Barden and David Wheeler, 06/13/2014)
The 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook - Yahoo News  Dylan Stableford, 06/11/2014

6334 140612  Work-Life Balance Isn’t Just for Moms Anymore - ABC News  06/09/2014
Writing Away Societal Stereotypes, One Daddy Blog at a Time - ABC News  06/09/2014
Five Essential Books on Being a Father - ABC News  06/09/2014

2186 130616  June 16, 2013  Happy Father's Day - Disney•Pixar's BRAVE - June 22 - YouTube
Poll Most men aspire to be dads  (USA Today)

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