Christmas 2012

Christmas Decorations 2012 Photos:  Detroit, Michigan -  1  |  2  |  3  |  Minneapolis, Minnesota -  4

121227  Reindeer (Europe) = Caribou (North America): Videos -  Caribou on the move - The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth - BBC  from Canada  |  Wild Russia Siberia Forest Reindeer with music composed by William  from Russia
Reindeer may travel 5,000 km a year and
can travel at speeds of 6080 km/h. That's why Santa chose reindeer? Well, Santa has Flying Reindeer. :-) For more info on "Reindeer", click here
2012  Santa around the world (MSN)
"We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got what you wanted."
121225  Christmas 2008 Photos (Revised):  1a  Christmas Gifts under the tree  |  1b  Christmas Gifts (Up-Close)  |  1c  Christmas Tree (Up-Close)  |  3M Christmas Tree Lights: 2a  Three Quarter View |  2b  Front View 巨大なクリスマスツリーライト  |  Peppermint Candy Canes (Christmas)   キャンデー ケイン  |  4  Sugar Cookies  |  5  Fruitcake (or Fruit Cake) 
Pope Benedict's Christmas call: Open the door to God
(USA Today) | Vatican | Vatican Info
121224  3 Hour Medley of Christmas Songs
121224  Christmas Lights: 1 (MSN) | 2 (Kym Illman) | 3 (CNN)
121224  NORAD Santa Tracker - Watch Santa videos
121223 "We Heard" on FOX   Radio Talk Show Host, who has four-year-old twins and lives in Florida, goes, "In Florida most houses don't have chimneys. My kids ask me, 'How does Santa get in our house?'"  Answers?:
How does Santa Claus get in your house if you don't have a chimney? | Santa Talks About Santa Florida`s Hot Weather And Dearth Of Chimneys Don`t Slow Him Down.    our Florida State page
121223  Happy Holidays from the Miss Universe Contestants | Miss Universe 2012 - Final Film

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