Photo 1    Snow Sculpting Competition (at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds), the 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival, has been canceled. But we saw this snow sculpture at Rice Park. "A giant polar bear sitting on his rump, bent over a book, reading to a host of penguins" by Dusty & Dave Thune. This photo was taken at Rice Park, St. Paul, Minnesota on January 29, 2012.   雪彫刻コンペテイション中止:唯一の雪彫刻 - ペンギンたちのために本を読む北極熊  
A polar bear and penguins, an interesting combination! So Cool!  Note: We're pretty sure polar bears live only in the Arctic, and penguins live only in the Antarctic. In reality, we can't see polar bears and penguins in the wild at the same time. ペンギン北極熊の組み合わせは、面白いです。 実際には、北極熊と南極に住むペンギンたちを同時に、見ることはないと思います。
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