Hawk Weekend Festival -a celebration of birds- , Hawk Ridge (The Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory), Duluth, MN < http://www.hawkridge.org/ >, mid-September each year , Our stories on Hawk Ridgeワシ、タカ、隼など --- は、スペリオル湖のような大きな湖を渡ることは、普通しません。どうしてでしょう?

Lake Superior from Hawk Ridge
 Fall Colors are starting to happen!!!  >   More fall color photos, click here

2a  |  2b  |  2c  Raptor Watch (Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons)  

3  Raptor Count:  3a Counting |  3b 2006 Fall Migration (as of 060921) | Migratory Raptor Examples: 3c "Northern Harrier" | 3d "
Sharp-shinned Hawk"

4  Raptor Banding & Release:  "Sharp-shinned Hawks"  4a  Raptor Band | 4b Sharp-shinned Hawk (Up-Close) | 4c  Two Hawks | 4d  One Hawk | 4e  Releasing

5  Bird Banding & Release:  Northern Flicker "Yellow-shafted Flicker"

11788 161018  Raptor migration at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory 'so cool'  Just ask the folks who follow the migration  -  Pioneer Press, 10/15/2016
Photos: A falconer in Minnesota | Minnesota Public Radio News  Frank Taylor
Hawk Ridge, Duluth  |  Falconers:  Frank Taylor

For info on Bird Banding, check here.

Many events are held on Hawk Weekend, check
< http://www.hawkridge.org/ >

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We'll write about our Tour of the Banding Station later. Check back!

Bird Banding (aka Bird Ringing)

Local Festival Calendar
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