The Doghouse Days of Summer 2004

    Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts Cartoons and Comics, was a native of St. Paul, MN.  After his death Peanuts statues have been auctioned off every year and the money goes to an art school for future comic writers.  He has had many other things named after his creations such as Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America also in MN.  Camp Snoopy is a smaller version of a Valley Fair or Six Flags theme park where the kids can go and ride on all sorts of rides.  It is completely indoors, visitors should definitely check it out if they are anywhere near Bloomington, MN.
    In the Doghouse Days of Summer the people get to make their own Peanuts statue.  This time it is a statue of Snoopy's doghouse with his bird partner Woodstock and the winner gets a $500 Best Buy gift card along with some other prizes.  Their creations are judged by some of the artists in residence.  There are 104 statues being made in total and the artists have about 1 week to do it in. In the previous years statues of other characters have been painted.  In 2000, 101 Snoopy statues were painted, 2001, 102 Charlie Brown statues, 2002, 103 Lucy Van Pelt Statues, and in 2003, 92 Linus statues.  They are saying that this year is the last year for painting statues, but they may come back.

For more info visit or call (651) 291-5608.
* St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 19, 2004

Doghouse Days of Summer 2004

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