The Farmers Airship* <  - a broken link as of 03/04/2016 >  246 feet in length - The largest Airship on the Planet    The Farmers Airship is owned and operated by Airship Ventures, Inc   
Farmers Insurance Sacramento - Farmers Insurance Airship - YouTube

Size Comparison (Farmers Airship vs. Boeing 747 vs. Blimp) 大きさの比較(
Farmers Airship
飛行船、ボーイング747、 軟式飛行船
The Farmers Airship is a Zeppelin, not a blimp; she is one of only two Zeppelins currently flying today.
: 世界に二つあります。一つは、カリフォルニア、もう一つは、日本? 何と747より大きいのです!

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Check out FAQslike "Are airships safe?" モダン
Blimp vs. Zeppelin
Airships: The Hindenburg and Other Zeppelins (The Hindenburg: 803.8 feet in length)

The Hindenburg Disaster, May 6, 1937 当時は、飛行船を持ち上げるガスとして、水素ガスが使われていました。The Hindenburg was almost as large as the Titanic. ヒンデンブルグ号は、随分大きく、タイタニックとほぼ同じ位の大きさでした。
The Hindenburg (803.8 feet = 245 m) was much longer than the Farmers Airship (246 feet = 75 m).   ヒンデンブルグ号は、Farmers Airship よりおよそ 倍長かったことになります。
10949 160304    March 4, 1936    LZ 129 Hindenburg
March 4, 1936: Hindenburg’s First Flight
LZ 129 Hindenburg - Wikipedia  March 4, 1936 - May 6, 1937  ...
a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, ... The airship flew from March 1936 until it was destroyed by fire 14 months later on May 6, 1937,...
Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage (1937) - YouTube
Hindenburg Disaster - YouTube
Our Photos:  The Farmers Airship  

Videos:  Farmers Insurance Sacramento - Farmers Insurance Airship - YouTube

Taking a ride in a zeppelin | Farmers Insurance Airship, not just a blimp
More Photos: Aerial views from the Farmers Airship | The Farmers Airship

"Rachel, thanks so much for allowing us to post some pix of the Farmers Airship on our web page and giving us information on your company's tours and operation.

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