Minnesota's First Snow (First snow accumulation of the season) 初雪(初積雪)
The Twin Cities Metro area

14808 181014  Photos: Quick burst of October snow in southern Minnesota | MPR News
The first snow of the season, The Twin Cities Metro area, Oct. 14, 2018

13466 171027  WINTER IS COMING: First snow of the season in Minnesota - Story KMSP  10/27/2017

11910 161119  First snow of the season for 2016: Nov. 18, 2016
Freezeup, cleanup follow blizzard after winter arrives in Minnesota - StarTribune.com
Minneapolis weather: With 24.2 inches of snow, Orr MN takes top honors  11/19/2016

10493 151127-1128  First snow of the season, Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN; around 1.2 inches, Nov. 26, 2015
2015-2016 Season's First Snow Photos:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5a  /  5b 
10462 151120  Yesterday, November 19, 2015, a little snow fell from time to time.
Minneapolis, MN Weather Forecast and Conditions - weather.com

Day                      Temp
Tonight                21  F  ( -6 C)
Sat                       25  F  ( -4 C) 
Sat Night             19  F  ( -7 C)

First Snow  |  Minnesota's Winter
Ponds began to freeze over.

7685 141110-1111  Nov. 10, 2014  First snow of the season, Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN; around 3 inches
Winter storm warning canceled; slow evening commute - Star Tribune, Paul Walsh, Tim Harlow and James Walsh, 11/10/2014

Snow totals: St. Augusta, Minnesota gets 16.5 inches - KMSP-TV  myFOX9.com, weather forecast by Ian Leonard, chief meteorologist, 11/10/2014
Minneapolis Weather Forecast and Conditions - weather.com

Nov. 1, 2014  First ice of the season, St. Paul, MN; ponds begin to freeze over.

Nov. 5, 2013    3995 131106  Twin Cities first snowfall, Minnesota  (Pioneer Press, 11/06/2013)
First measurable snow of the season with 2.2 inches in the Twin Cities from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning

2012 First Snow (Accumulations?) Photo:  1 / 2  First Snow  |  3a / 3b (Up-Close)  First Icicles        November 12, 2012

111110 This morning we saw the first snow of the season. No accumulation!

111119 W
e saw the first accumulation of snow of this season: 3-4 inches of snow in St. Paul, MN. 約10cmの初積雪
Snow on Witch Hazel Flowers: 晩秋に咲く Witch Hazel の花の上に雪が積もりました。
Photo:  1  Snow on Witch Hazel Flowers  |  2  Snow on Witch Hazel Flower (Up-Close) 

Photo:  1  /  2  /  3   2011 First Snow Accumulation 'Winter Wonderland'

Season's first snow buries Twin Cities, MN: A weekend storm deposited as much as 8 inches of wet, heavy snow. 初雪:およぞ20cmの積雪


091012 The Twin Cities area suffers a 2.5 inch snowfall (2nd snowfall of the season). :-(   およそ6cmの積雪、参った!!! The first snowman
First Snow

2008 081107-1113 It snowed a little with no accumulation. 081113

2007 071121& 071122 It snowed a little with no accumulation.
First Flurries (First Snow Flurries初小雪
071105 “We saw the first flurries (first snow flurries) of the season (2007-2008 Winter) in the afternoon.” St. Paul, MN
"We Hear" on WCCO Radio: October 16 is the average date of first flurries for the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Accordingly, this year the first snow flurries came three weeks later than normal.
071105 今日の午後、2007-2008の冬の初めての小雪が、ちらつきました。St. Paul, MN
"We Hear" on WCCO Radio:

061204 First snow accumulation of the season? 
In the morning the ground was blanketed in a thin layer of snow, but the snow melted away quickly.   

20051115    (4 sec)

20041127   Albino Squirrels



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