Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D. C. < > by E. W. Scripps Company    late May; during the week following Memorial Day weekend  

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Scripps National Spelling Bee - Wikipedia

11311 160526  Scripps National Spelling Bee 2016: championship finals as it happened | The Guardian
Spelling Bee

9321 150528  National Spelling bee ends in tie for 2nd year in a row  MSN, AP, 05/28/2015
9309 150526  Indian Americans dominate the National Spelling Bee. Why should they take abuse on social media for it?
MSN, Washington Post, 05/26/2015

6185 140530  National Spelling Bee co-champion: Final word was'easy' - Video on  Scott Stump, 05/30/2014 - Meet the co-winners of National Spelling Bee
Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C.

1932 130530  "We Heard" on KFAN (FOX)  Scripps National Spelling Bee Underway | 
National Spelling Bee Can you spell K-I-S-S-I-M-M-E-E - YouTube
Rebekah Stanhope of Trumbull County returns to Scripps National Spelling Bee - YouTube
13 Hoosiers competing in Scripps National Spelling Bee - YouTube

0761 120531   Scripps National Spelling Bee: The 6-year-old National Spelling Bee, Lori Anne Madison is amazing.  1 (USA Today)  |  2 (Time)
Scripps National Spelling Beeとしてコンテストに参加言葉に加えて、いろいろな事を知っている6才女の子、すごいですね。また、大人の私たちが、恥ずかしくなります。May 30-31, 2012  Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C. on ESPN

0757 120529   Scripps National Spelling Bee (videos): National Spelling Bee Champion 2011 | Obama tries to spell 'cymotrichous' | Spelling Bee "Numnah" | Best of the Bee
Champions and Their Winning Words | The Toughest Words From The 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship (WORDS)  
May 30-31, 2012  Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C. on ESPN
"It's very hard to win the Scripps national spelling bee. Also it's very hard to watch." たいへんなコンテストですね。

080313  Metro Regional Spelling Bee, St. Paul, MN <  >

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