Charles Lindbergh (American Aviator)  チャールズ  リンドバーグ
Born: February 4, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan (MI). He grew up on a farm near Little Falls, Minnesota (MN). 
Died: August 26, 1974 in Maui, Hawaii (HI)
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The first aviator to fly nonstop from New York to Paris by himself

10830 160205  February 4, 1902    Happy birthday Charles Lindbergh!  Charles Lindbergh
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Charles Lindbergh - Wikipedia  February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974, an American aviator, author, inventor, military officer, explorer, and social activist. In 1927, at the age of 25, Lindbergh emerged from the virtual obscurity of a U.S. Air Mail pilot to instantaneous world fame as the result of his Orteig Prize-winning solo nonstop flight from Roosevelt Field[N 1] on New York's Long Island to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France....
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Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site | Historic Sites Minnesota Historical Society
Spirit of St. Louis replica at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
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080520-0521 Charles Lindbergh 19270520-0521 
81 years ago today,
Charles Lindbergh made the first non-stop solo airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean: New York, USA  to Paris, France. H
e flew his monoplane, the “Spirit of St. Louis”. He was only 25 years old at the time. The original airplane is on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Quite a few replicas (static and flying) have been made. For example, a “Spirit of St. Louis” replica is viewed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, MN, as well. Just to let you know, Lindbergh grew up in Minnesota. For more info, check < >< >
81年前の今日、若年、25才のチャールズ  リンドバーグ、単独、ノンストップ大西洋横断飛行に成功リンドバーグは、ミネソタ州で、少年時代を過ごしました。

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